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How to hide a cheat sheet

 How to hide a cheat sheet is quite easy and and as it is quite easy to hide a chest sheet  you can easily be caught too that if only you give yourself out.
       Today I'll be showing you how to hide a cheat sheet and not get caught at all but to that you must be in a cool mood, don't shiver and avoid eye contact. If you can master these three things you will be able to hide your cheat sheer perfectly without getting caught. There are the first things you have to master to be able to hide cheat sheet.

1. Avoid eye contact
For you not to get caught instantly avoid eye contact with the invigilator at all cost because if you keep maintaining eye contact with the invigilator he/she will have known something is fishy and this is what will sell you out and the invigilator can just come to check you all of a sudden and catch you with the cheat sheet.

2. Be cool
Another crucial factor is for you to be cool because if are not it will be seen in your mood and the invigilator will know that something is fishy and the invigilator will come and search you which will result to you getting caught, so always be cool even if it is your first time carrying a cheat sheet.

3. Don't shiver
This is the most important don't for anything shiver at all cost because the will sell you out immediately and the invigilator will know something is fishy and he will search you and you will get caught this mostly happens to people cheating for the first time. So be brave and courageous.

        Now here is how to hide your cheat sheet
1. Body part
Body part is a very good way for you to hide your cheat sheet and you won't get caught. You can hide the cheat sheet on one part of your body that you know it will be very easy and visible for you to see during the test or exam. For ladies I recommend you write the cheat sheet on your thigh and make sure it is tiny not too tiny though so you can see it then wear a skimpy skirt on the day of the exam or test so that you can easily shift the skirt up and copy what's on your thigh and for guys  you can write the cheat sheet on your hand and wear a short sleeve shirt on the day of the test or exam so you can be able to write it.

2. The water bottle trick
This trick is quite easy and its brilliant what you have to do is to get a water Bootle and a sheet of paper so what you have to do is print your cheat sheet at the other side of the paper that you will use to wrap the water bottle then you are set to use it to cheat on your test or exam all you have to do is take water bottle along with you on the day of your test or exam then you place in your table and start copying.

3. Calculator memory
Most people don't know a calculator has memory which you can store things. Well if you have a math test or any other test that involves formulas but you can't remember all just save the formulas in the memory of the calculator and you can just look up the formulas you need on the day of the test.

4. The stashed sheet
Well if you are scared to bring in the cheat sheet into the exam hall well this is the perfect style for you to use all you have to do is write the cheat sheet before the exam and place it in a place you can easily go to during the exam I'll suggest the bathroom because you can easily go to the bathroom and check what you want to check and continue with your test.

5. Inside a long sleeve
Well this is also a very easy way of hiding your cheat sheet it's very simple all you have to do is write the cheat sheet a day before the exam then when you are going for the test you will wear a long sleeve cloth and put it inside mostly a jacket or a sweater and you are good to go.

I hope this has been able to help you alot to hide your cheat sheet. Just make sure you master the the first three things I talked about and you are good to good to go enjoy.

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