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How To Get 1.5GB For #200 On 9mobile

How to Activate the 9mobile 1.5GB for #200 Data plan

9mobile is among the leading innovative telecommunication company in the country. The company has proved its power since it has been operating in
Nigeria. They have also developed their network, people who use 9mobile never regret using it because they have fast speed.

9mobile has an esteemed users focus and also has a steady innovative method to reach out to customers expectation.

1.  Facts about 9momile in Nigeria

Over the years 9mobile has upgraded its networks in so many ways. One of the ways 9mobile upgrade their system is by expanding its network quality
access in Nigeria.

One of the reasons why they upgraded their network is to allow their 4g network to work perfectly in some states in the country. 9mobile also raised some LTE network in some states in Nigeria including nassarawa state, aba, Enugu, Abuja, Calabar, Kano, Kaduna, Lagos, Minna, Owerri, Onitsha, portharcourt, Oyo, Sokoto, and OTA.

These states are allowed to enjoy the 9mobile network without fluctuation and a fast l speed

2. Excellent fast speed

Every Nigerian knows 9mobile has a fast speed if you have a 9mobile sim and you just abandoned it, i think it's time to get it back because they have a high speed. One thing you need to know about the brand is that they keep upgrading their network in Nigeria.

9mobile offers fast 4G lite to almost all their users

3. Cheap data plans

One of the benefits of using  9mobile data plan is that they have cheap data plans.  The brand has a tariff plan called more blaze. And that's what
most 9mobile users use and they are enjoying the tariff plan.

None of the 9mobile users complained about their network, in addition to
this, 9mobile has some thriving data plans and they are very affordable.
Every user can afford to subscribe to it.

In this article, I will be talking about how you can get 1.5gb for just #200

The brand has been offering some juicy plans for its users, these data plans are designed to improve their user's data usage in the country. And
these plans can also attract more customers.

9mobile has an ongoing data plan, one is 1.5gb for #200  while the second one is 8.7gb for #300.

If you want to know how to subscribe to this plan,  you need to go through all that I have written in this article.

Here is a guideline on how to subscribe to these plans..

  • Get a new 9mobile sim card, you register it and you dial 200 and select number 2 option to join the club load #200 airtime on your device and dial *229*10*15#, after loading it you will be given 1.5gb data
  • this data pan is available for just 5 days
  • If you want to check your data balance dial *228#

This data plan works for new users alone, if your 9mobile sim is not registered both the new sim and old sim, you will get a failure message when you are trying to subscribe to the plan. If you want to enjoy this plan, get a new sim or else you won't be able to subscribe to it.

If you are looking for one of the best networks in Nigeria for fast internet speed, 9mobile is one of the best for that. They have other cheap plans, 9mobile also has a lot of internet cheats.

9mobile has another data plan that is similar to this, the difference there
is that you get 5GB for #1000 and it's valid for 15 days.  And there is also 10gb which is valid for 30days.  These data plans are awesome, 9mobile users are really enjoying the plans.

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