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How to Earn Passive Income by Printing Recharge Cards in Nigeria

How to Earn Passive Income by Printing Recharge Cards in Nigeria

There are a lots of people looking for different ways to make money. The printing of Richarge cards has been an efficient business for those who invested in it. Before you think of going into the business, there are some things you need to know and how you can start the business in the country. 

Is this business prosperous?

I know a lot of people reading this article would be wondering if this business is profitable or not, it's a normal thing to ask, so you won't end up risking the money you invested in it. If you want to consider  Recharge card business in the country, you would definitely be bothered about the motives of the business.

The basic advantage of this business is that thousands of people recharge their phones every blessed day, so they can make calls, send SMS, subscribe to the Internet, and many more. This business is  beneficially if you get lots of customers.
If you want to bring customers to your business, they are some things you need to learn. It's won't be easy for you if you don't learn some strategic techniques for attracting customers.
If you do everything accordingly, you will get lots of customers and make good sales.

In this article, you will get to know how to start your Recharge card business in Nigeria.

Basic information for starting the business

If you want to start a recharge card business, you will have to get the pin codes that you will place on the recharge card voucher.  Some years back, before you will be able to print a recharge card on the voucher, you will have to consult with a dealer that will sell it to you at a low price. These pins will be sent to your email and that's for security purposes.

Gettings a dealer is not as difficult as you think, you can possibly go online to Look for dealers, they are tons of dealsrs that are willing to work with you. But you have to be very careful to avoid getting scammed.

Before you think of working with any dealer, you need to cross-check their reliability before you think of working with them. Once you've registered, you will be asked to provide the identity and you purchase the least amount of Recharge card pin.

Your pin code payment will be done In your bank. The dealer will send you an account number where you will transfer the money to. After making the payments, you will receive an email containing the pin clode you purchased.

It is advisable to access them on your private laptop,  not on other people's laptops or cyber cafe because it is risky, there is a possibility that you can forget to log out when you are through with what you are doing for the day.

If you are working with a local dealer, they can give you the pins in a flash drive or a disc. You will need a lots of tools to run a successful recharge card printing business.

The basic tools for stating this business

(1) A good laptop with regular Internet access. 
(2) a valid email
(3) the software used in encrypting the pin codes sent to your email
(4) a recharge card printing machine.
(5) a printing press paper for printing the recharge card.
(6) the money you use in starting the business.

Just in case you are frightened about how you will go about reacharge card printing, you need not to worry, they are a few alternatives which will be helpful to you.
You can possibly print your card online by using an e-pin manager or you use some provided software.

If you don't have enough money to get a laptop, computer, and a printing press. The dealer might give you a special device that you will use in printing out your card in vouchers. You don't need the internet to print out the cards but it's important you have a stable internet for this business because you might be working with someone in a far distance. You will definitely need the Internet to reach out to them.

Steps on how to start the business

(1) get a laptop with regular internet access or you visit the cyber cafe.

(2) contact the dealer that will give you the software.

(3) install the software sent to you on your PC or laptop.

(4) order for the recharge card pins on the website and you pay for it.

(5) you will be given some encrypted codes that can be de-encrypted if you use specific software.  Once you get the codes, use the provided software to encrypt them and print them out and start selling them.

Thousands of Nigerians spend a lot of money buying a Recharge Cards. Recharge card is very important to every phone user. We all make calls and surf the internet almost every day before you can do that you will definitely need to load a recharge card on your device.
If you've got the necessary tools I stated above, you will make a lot of money than you expected within a short time...

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