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How Can You Fetch Cool Money As An Unemployed Graduate In Nigeria?

5 Things You Need To Do As An Unemployed Graduate In Nigeria In order To Fetch Cool Money..

Hello Reader! Welcome to another post, in this article, I am going to discuss just Five things you need to do as an Unemployed graduate and for you to smile to your bank, what I mean is that for you to fetch cool extra money, these 5 things will help you because if you are waiting for the government job, you might have to wait for eternity, government job is not just a job that you can wait for, you have to get something to do on your own, you don't have to wait for years for white collar job because of the fat salary of the job, you have to be doing something productive with your life. Some graduates were roaming the streets with files and worn shoes moving from one office to another looking for a government job and later the won't get a dime job but when you think positive on your own that what can I do to fetch money? definitely, you are going to make more money than the people doing white collar job. Moreover, getting a job in Nigeria can be difficult and sometimes people have to pay to get a job that the guarantee will not last.

There lot of companies out there that are employing and some sacks their workers everyday and the government will not give you a job, now tell me, how can you survive as an Unemployed in Nigeria as a young graduate, they gives job to people from the top, many graduates has no job but with these five businesses am listing here, I am very sure you are going to smile at last.

Now, let's discuss the 5 things you need to do;

1. Poultry Business

As an Unemployed graduate, you need to start up a business on your own, don't just waste your precious time on government job, create your own business with token amount and start earning money, the demand for chicken is high as people eat it every day, you don't have to start big, start from somewhere, you can just start with a little capital, get few chickens and with time the business will grow very well without your imagination. So, start from somewhere so that you will not waste your time on government work, be your own boss.

2. Farming Business

This farming business is one of the business you can just start as an Unemployed graduate with little capital, the business has been neglected for long, everybody is looking for oil company job, white collar job and they are sitting at home doing nothing and they depend on others for money which is not suppose to be so, some are out there making money from agriculture, money is on cocoa, maize and so many agricultural farming, if you can just start up on farming business, am sure you are going to be wealthy from there because money is on cocoa, maize, yam and so on. Just start up this farming business and you are going to smile to the bank.

3. Buying and Selling

Buying and selling business is also one the things you can engage yourself in, all you need is just a little capital to start up, you can sell clothes, shoes, perfumes, accessories, food items and so on. Look for where you can buy at cheaper rate then look for a pleasant place you can sell to make profit. There are some people who carry their wares from office to office and they are making money from there. So, think of something that people are need of and can be sold easily. There are a lot of buying and selling items you can just engage your money into and that will fetch you cool money without any stress, don't just sit at home waiting for government job, you need to start up something.

4. Bead Making Business

You can also start up this business, people used beaded accessories for almost everything they do now, they used bead to make bags, necklaces and so many things, so, learn how to make earrings, necklaces, handbags and so on using beads. This bead business is one of the ways to make money, once you have learn how to make them, you are good to go. So, you can start this bead making business with a little capital and fetch good money as the profits.

5. Private Home Lesson

Once you're good in teaching, you are good to go. Teaching children in their homes after school is another good way to make cool money, it might not be much but it still better than nothing. You can start private teaching at home after school and make money right from there.

So, with all these steps, you can just think of ways to make money and stop waiting for government or one rich family of yours to give you job, don't say you can never do it and stop being so proud, start doing something productive with the time you have. The money you will make might not be much at the beginning but it will get better than nothing. So, my friend, don't just waste your unnecessary with nothing, think progressively on how you can start a business and fetch more money from it. With all these steps, I hope you've gain one or two things on this post. Stay blessed..

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