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7 Websites that can Fetch you up to #100,000 in the Lockdown

list of websites that can fetch you up to a #100,000 in the

There is a lockdown in almost every part of the word, including u.s.a,
Canada, uk, and Australia. Due to the spread of covid19.

What is? Covid19

Covid19 is a communicable disease compelled by a contemporary uncovered
coronavirus. People who have been infected by this disease will go through
a sluggish respiratory illness. And they will recover if they get proper

People who already have health problems like cancer, diabetes, incurable
respiratory system, and many more are liable to go through more chronic
illnesses,  most especially the old people. From the age of 60 upward.

If you don't want to contact this disease, the best way to avoid it is by
following every information pertaining the covid19.

You need to take note of how it spreads and the disease it results in.

If an infected person coughs where people are, those surrounding he/she
might get infected. Or through saliva. And those who have been infected
might also pass it to others, that's how the disease extends to other
people and the case will increase in the country

It's advisable for every human being to cough in a corner not where they
are lots of people, because it is risky.

The cure for the coronavirus has not been excavated and that's why there is
a lockdown in almost every part of the world.

The lockdown has literally affected a lot of people and it's making
Nigerian citizens spend their money sumptuously.

However, in this article, I will be talking about how you can earn some
money online in the lockdown. I will be listing 7 different websites that
can fetch you up to a #100,000 in the lockdown.

Here is the list of websites that can fetch you up to #100,000

(1) Steemit.com

If you know how to write prolific articles you can earn a decent amount of
money from this website. Steemit is a cryptocurrency platform where you get
paid to perform various tasks ranging from commenting on a post, publishing
articles, running a contest, and many more. The major way of earning on
steemit is when you get upvotes on your post. I can remember those times
when steemit cane out newly, myself self and my friends used to earn up to
$600 a month from it.

(2) Fiverr.com

If you have some fundamental skills like content writing, coding, video
editing, website designing, graphics designing, and many more.  Fiverr is
one of the best places where you will get clients to work with. Infarct you
can earn over #100,000 from this website if you understand it well because
they are thousands of people on this platform and they are ready to pay for
your service.

(3) Quora

Quora is a popular forum on the internet with millions of users worldwide,
you won't make money on this site directly but you will get to meet people
that need your service. I have made money twice on this platform, the first
client paid me $200 to write 10 articles while the second client paid me
$45 to write 6 articles.  One thing you need to know about quora is that
they have different Prices. Not all members have the same price.

(4) LinkedIn.com

LinkedIn is a popular social network where you will meet a lot of
influential people and business owners. If you are good at these three
skills website development, graphics designing, and building application.
You will reach out to lots of people that will hire you for a service. What
you just need is to present yourself on the website.

(5) Reddit.com

Reddit is a popular social bookmarking website where most bloggers promote
their blogs to get traffic. It's possible to make money on this website. If
you have different skills, you can make money on Reddit if you join
subreddits based on your niche.  For instance, content writing reddit, if
you join a subreddit where they are a lot of content writers you will meet
a lot of people to write content for and you get paid for it. The same goes
with other niches like web development, coding, graphics designing video
editing and many more.

(6) Upwork.com

Upwork is a popular freelance website like Fiverr, you will meet a lot of
people to hire you for different skills.

(7) Amazon Kindle

If you have books you've published, you can earn passive income on this
platform. All you just need is to create an account and you upload your
books and also put your price, but keep in mind that Amazon gets a
percentage from every sale you make.
You can earn over #100,000 from these websites all you just have to do is
to take your time to study these platforms well. Once you understand it,
you will earn a sufficient income in the lockdown.

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