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6 Things To Do as an Unemployed Graduate to Earn Steady Income

List of things to do as an unemployed graduate

If you are an unemployed graduate and you still have hope that the government will make changes in the country, lol you are on your own. Because only God can tell when things will get better in the country. 

A lot of graduates waste their time seeking for a white collar Job, and everyone knows it's not easy to get a white-collar job without connections. 

If you are an unemployed graduate and you are looking for white-collar jobs, there are other things to venture into and you will earn a decent amount of money constantly.

A lot of graduates in the country go through a lot of stress, moving from one place to another with documents. 

It's so difficult to get a job in the country, they are times when you have to pay to get a job and you end up not getting employed.

If you graduated from the University, there is not much assurance that you will get a job and that's because the Nigerian government doesn't give out jobs. And there are no many companies in the country, so right now, the population of unemployed Nigerians is more than the companies In Nigeria. Some companies even pay their workers off. 

If you are an unemployed graduate and you are still looking for a job, there are other things to do to earn a living. 

Here are the 6 things to do to earn a living as an unemployed graduate

1. Farming 

Farming is a business a lot of people ignore. There is enough money to be made in agriculture and that's if you do it the right way. They are different types of farming to venture into, ranging from fish, snail, pig, and many more. If you want to venture into any type of farming, you should budget at least #500,000 to #1000000. Every farming business has its requirements

2. Private tutoring

Teaching is a very good business most especially for unemployed graduates. And that's because they tend to have more knowledge. If you are an unemployed graduate, you can start a small teaching business, if you are starting as a lesson teacher, you don't need any investment but if you are starting with a hall, you will have to budget some money. If you are renting a hall you should budget about #200,000 for it and you get a set of chairs for #100,000. 

3. Show business

Are you an artist, presenter or a comedian, you can apply for talent hunt show, they might pick you. From there you can become famous entertainer.

4. Bead making

Lots of individuals get married almost every weekend and most of them use beaded accessories for their weddings. If you are good at making beads, you can earn a decent amount by selling it to people. Bead is not a difficult skill, it's very easy to learn and it's lucrative. They are different types of beads to learn ranging from necklaces, handbags, and earrings. 

5. Tansportation business

The transportation business is a lucrative business, even for the fact that some people categories it as dirty jobs. Drivers earn more money than those who do a white-collar job. I have a friend that works as an Uber driver, he earns nothing less than #50,000 weekly. If you want to start this kind of business, You must be a qualified driver. 

If you want to start this business, you can buy a used car with #500,000 but make sure the car is In good condition so it won't disappoint you.

6. Buying and Selling

Buying and selling is another good business to venture into. They are different things to buy and sell ranging from clothes, shoes, bags, perfumes, food items, and many more. All you just have to do is to look for where you can get them at a cheap price and you sell them at a higher amount. All you just need is to look for something people are looking for, and you buy them In bulk and sell bit by bit.
Examples of products that makes good sales are skincare cosmetics, chargers, wrist watches, memory cards and many more. 

So, these are the 6 things you can just do as an unemployed graduate to earn steady income...

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