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6 Lucrative Agricultural Businesses to Venture into in Nigeria

6 Lucrative Agricultural Businesses to Venture into in Nigeria

Agriculture is among the most productive business over the years. People who go into it  never fall and that simply because most of there farm production are high in demand.

If you venture into an agricultural business in Nigeria, you will earn a decent amount consistently and that's because Nigeria is among the countries in the world that have different farms producing various food crops. And most of the Nigerian farmers are well equipped and have better agricultural knowledge than other countries. 

Nigerian has over 200 million population and one thing you need to know is that a lot of African countries don't have many citizens like Nigeria, including south Africa. 

If you would like to go into agricultural businesses in Nigeria, I will be talking about six different agricultural business that is very profitable.

Here is a list of profitable agricultural business.

1. Plantain farming

Plantain farming is very advantageous and one of the reasons why l like it is because it's keeps accumulating every year once you have planted it. 

The rate at which plantain grows in the farm is similar to Rice farming and cassava farming. 

A lot of Nigerians consume plantain in Nigeria and that's why it is very lucrative in the country. Every framer that ventures into plantain farming in Nigeria earns a decent amount from it consistent.  
One other benefit of venturing into plantain farming In Nigeria is that plantain farmers are not as rampant as other agricultural farmers. If you venture into plantain production business in the country, you will earn passively because plantain is high in demand. 

2. Rice farming.

When it comes to rice consumption, Nigeria has a very huge population of people that eats rice on a daily basis.  Rice is a very popular meal in the country and it is high in demand. 

Virtually every family in the country eats rice steadily on a daily basis. 

If you want to venture into rice farming in Nigeria, try as much as possible to get the right information on how to go about the business, or you consult with a  consultant before you go into the business, once you know your way, you will smile to the bank every month.  A bag of rice ranges from #30,000 to #33,000 in the country. But it all depends on the quality of the rice. 

If you are a rice farmer and you are capable of producing at least 200,000 bags of rice annually,  and you sell them at a wholesale for of 30,000 for every bag, 

30,000 x 200,000 equals to 


Cant, you see that's lucrative?

If you want to venture into this business, you need to budget a huge sum of  money before you can do that.

3. Poultry farming

The whole world already knows that poultry farming is very lucrative even for the fact that it's not so tapped. We only have basic farmers in the country. 
A serious business owner that is ready to venture into this business will apparently earn a decent amount of money from it within a short while after the investment.  And that's because Nigerians consume a lot of chicken than every other meat.  Chicken is mostly served in Parties. Infarct,  a gathering can never go well without including chicken in the meal.   

4. Beans farming

Ever since the pandemic started in Nigeria, a bag of rice was said to be more expensive than rice. People who venture into this business come from the northern part of Nigeria and they are earning a significant amount of money consistently.
Bean's farming remains lucrative and that's because the farmers are the ones supplying the whole world beans, including other countries.
If you venture into beans farming in Nigeria, be assured that you will earn passive income from it. 

5. Catfish farming

Catfish business was publicized in Nigeria not too long ago but a lot of people aren't running the business the right way. If you want to venture into this business, you need to get it right. A single catfish are sold for nothing less than #800 In a joint and it is sold for about #500 in the market. If you start a catfish farming business in Nigeria, you will earn passively from it.

6. Snail farming

Snails farming is becoming widespread these days, you need to venture into it before a lot of entrepreneurs bombard the business. 

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