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5 Best Ways To Make Money at Home Using your Laptop

5 Best Ways To Make Money at Home Using your Laptop

If you are a graduate and you are looking for how to make money on your own without working under anybody or if you are a student and you want to make money for your upkeep, you are on the right track. I will be talking about the different businesses you can do with only your laptop. 

In our modern days, the internet has created a lot of opportunities for many individuals. 

It's very difficult to get a job in the country, we have a lot of qualified graduates In the country seeking for jobs. If you find your self in this category, it would be nice if you look for the best way to make money on your own. I will be talking about 7 different businesses you can run with just your laptop.

Here is the list of business to venture into using your laptop 

(1) Programming

Programming is a very valuable skill, if you have this skill you are on the way to make millions. Once you have a laptop and you have the skill, you are good to go. 

 A programmer is someone that creates computer software using different codes.  A programmer builds an instruction for the computer to do anything.

There are different ways of making money as a programmer. You can make money as a programmer In different ways.

Ways of making money as a programmer

(I) Freelance: You can make money as a freelance programmer by working for clients on different freelance sites, examples are www.fiverr.comwww.upwork.comwww.freelance.com

(ii) Developer a game
(iii) Participate in the contest: here are examples of websites where you can participate in contest CallingAllInnovators.comtopcoder.com,  HTML5Contest.com,  codechef.com

(iv) Develop awesome apps: you can develop awesome apps and sell them. This is another lucrative way of making money as a programmer.

(2) Projecting

A lot of Nigerians don't venture into this business, a lot don't know how to earn a decent amount of money from it every month. You can work as a project manager for different people if you have a laptop and the skill. Although this business can't make you rich I can guarantee you that you can earn nothing less than #50,000 monthly as a starter

(3) Social media manager.

I know the world " social media management" isn't a new word to everyone. You can earn passive income as a social media manager and you earn passive income from it. It's a lucrative business and not so stressful. What you will basically do is to help people use their social media account like their Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn
List of people you can work with as a social media manager
(1) brand owners
(2) actors
(3) actresses
(4) model
(5) companies
(6) musicians

There are other people you can work with as a social media manager, there are main people that hire people to work for them as a social media manager.  You can earn anything from #40,000 to #200,000 monthly.

(4) Graphics design

If you are good at designing graphics, you can make money without having a shop. They are lots of people that make money as a graphic designer using just their laptop. You can also make money by offering the service on platforms like Fiverr.com and upwork.com

(5) Movies and music downloading

A lot of people don't know how to download music and movies on their own, even for the fact that it's so simple. You can earn passively by helping people download movies and videos and also flash people's mobile devices that have a virus. All you need for this skill is a laptop but if you want to get your self boosted, you can get a small shop.
List of equipment to get when you want to get a shop
(1) speakers: for letting people know you download music 
(2) laptops.
(3) generators

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