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4 Agricultural Businesses That You Can Engage In And Fetch Cool Money

Agricultural Businesses That Can Fetch You Cool Money

Do you know that there are a lot of agricultural businesses in Nigeria and there are so many of them that if you can engage yourself into it, you will fetch cool cash from them, I am going to tell you 4 agricultural businesses in Nigeria that can fetch you cool money when you engage yourself into it. There are best agricultural business ideas to start in Nigeria especially in this present situation that can fetch cool extra money, you don't need a huge capital or farmland to get into the agricultural business, if you have a little piece of land in your backyard, you can still plant some crops on the land and fetch extra money from it. 

So, I am going to share you the list of the most lucrative agricultural and farming business ideas that can you can engage in and fetch more money in this post, so, sit right and enjoy the reading!

4 Agricultural Businesses That Can Fetch You More Money;

Let's get down to the business, here are the businesses;

1. Maize Farming

Maize farming business which is also known as corn is one of the most popular food crops in Africa,maize is cooked in various ways and millions of Nigerians rely on this crop because it usually costs less than wheat and rice and other common grains and cereals. This maize farming business has definitely been thriving in Nigeria for decades and the importance of this maize production in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized, a lot of byproducts are gotten from maize. Maize production gives birth to a lot of other consumables and some of them are custard, corn oil, pap etc, if you can engage yourself into this farming business, you will be making cool money simply because there are a lot of sales in the business and people use maize for almost everything like cornflakes, corn flour, corn starch, corn powder and so many other things. If you invest your money into this maize farming, you won't regret...

2. Cassava Farming

Cassava is used almost everyday and if you engage yourself into it, you won't blame yourself, with the increasingly diverse use of cassava products in Nigeria, cassava farming is getting more lucrative with every passing day. This farm product has always been a source of lively hood and food for millions of Nigerians and 90% of Nigerian households consume cassava products everyday. Some of the popular meals made from cassava are garri, wheat flour, and so on.  The demand for cassava products in Nigeria is very expensive, people demand for cassava products almost everyday and if you are looking for an agricultural business that would ensure you always almost sell out all your harvests, cassava farming is one of the great farming business to start and if you can start this business, you will eventually be smiling to your bank almost everyday.

3. Catfish Farming Business

You can start up catfish farming business, there are many kinds of fish growing in Nigeria, but catfish is different from other fish and many people like catfish because it's meat is sweet, soft and tasty. However, not everyone knows that this catfish can be grown quite easily even at a small fish farm, you can organize catfish farming at home, even if you a small space in your backyard, you can start the catfish farming business right from there. Catfish has a very high demand all year round, the demand is highest from restaurants and from the market women who buy in bulk and sell in retail either as live catfish or the smoked one and individual also demand catfish too for personal consumption. With catfish business, you will never have ant problem in selling your products and the business is very lucrative, you can start with little capital, you are going to make it right from the business.

4. Poultry Farming Business

Poultry farming is the process of raising domesticated birds such live chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese for the purpose of farming meat or eggs for food. Poultry farming in Nigeria is probably one of the most lucrative farming business you can easily start and make huge from it. The quick mature chickens are the one of the finest opportunity for the entrepreneurs to make more momey within the shortest period of possible time. The demand of poultry products such as eggs is so high that people go about almost everyday looking for where to get the supplies needed, if you can start this business, you can just be the suppliers as wholesale or even in retail, most big restaurants and food sellers demand for eggs, if you can start this business, you won't regret of it because it is a business that move in sales. With over 160 million consumers in Nigeria alone, the market is always there waiting for eggs suppliers, so, you can be one of the eggs suppliers when you start this business.

In conclusion, I will advice you to start one of this business especially in this present situation, you don't need to wait for any white collar job, start something that will be fetching you money, so that you won't be depending on anyone for money, be the boss of yourself, start with little capital and earn cool money everyday. Starting up a business is a good idea and if you can able to start one of this business, am very sure you will always smile when you have enough in your bank... So my dear reader! wise up and start a good business that you won't ever regret of.. Thanks..

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