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2020 MTN Scholarship Award

I know what is on every Nigerian student's mind is the 2020 MTN scholarship program. The scholarship is meant for full-time students, and 300 level Students that's studies in a public higher institution like pyrotechnics, college of Education and university students.

This program was launched by MTN and it was designed to finance intelligent students In any higher institution. If you are a brilliant student, don't you think it's best for you to apply for this scholarship?  I will be talking about the MTN scholarship program and the full details. 

MTN scholarship program is a yearly scholarship grant that helps intelligent students in any higher institution by paying their tuition fees. It has two different schemes. Which is MTN  science and technology?

The MTN STSS and MTN SSBS were designed to help blind students by paying their tuition fees. 

Every Nigerian student in different territories like pyrotechnics, universities, and college will be awarded #200,000 manually and that's if they qualify for the program. But keep in mind that the program is meant for students studying a course related to science and technology. The program will cover all your tuition fee till you graduate. But you have to retain the grades required for the program to continue. 

The MTN scholarship registration will end on the 21st of July 2020. So if you haven't registered, hurry up before it becomes too late. 

How to apply for the program.

Registering for this program is very simple, if you are eager to join apply and you feel you are good enough, all you have to do is to visit the MTN website  https://foundation.mtnonline.com/scholarship/stsshttps://foundation.mtnonline.com/scholarship/stss and register with your real information.  

What do I need to be qualified for this program 
Every aspiring student must have an average of 3.5-grade point and they must maintain the score so the scholarship over ft+ end. 

The scholarship program covers your tuition fee, stipends, and book allowance.  After registering for this program, qualified students will be exhibited to the nation. And that is where the qualified students will see their names. If you are qualified, then you will move to the next process related to the scholarship registration. 

The course of study eligible for the scholarship program

They are various courses competent for the MTN program. The eligible course will be listed below. If you are a Nigerian student and you want to apply, if your course is among the ones I will be listed below, congrats to you. 

Here is the list of eligible courses

Agric, Accountancy/Account, Chemical Engineering, Computer and Mathematics, Civil Engineering, Applied Physics, Computer and Information science, Aquaculture and Fisheries Management, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Computer and Electronics, Applied Physics, Architecture, Animal Production and Health, Agricultural Science, Agronomy, Extension, and Rural Development, Geophysics, system Engineering, Computer Science,  Pure/ Applied Physics, Electrical Engineering, Statistics and Computer Science, Physics Electronics, Physics/Computational Modeling, Engineering Physics, Electronics, and Computer Technology, Petroleum and Gas Engineering, Information Technology, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Petroleum and Gas Engineering, Physics Electronics,  Physics/ Computational Modeling, Statistics, Mechanical, Industrial Mathematics, Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Physics, Statistics, Industrial Physics, Mathematics, Electrical/Electronic Engineering.

If your course isn't among these ones, you can apply for other scholarship programs.

They are tons of scholarship programs you can apply for. just make an in-depth research and you will find them 

Reasons why you need to apply for a scholarship

(1) it saves money
If you are intelligent, you need to apply for a scholarship, and that's because you don't have to pay a dime for school fees. It helps your sponsorer save more money he or she has a budget for your education. 

(2) it protects you from school embarrassment
They are times when your school administrators might be demanding your school fees. If you are under a scholarship, you will never go through such embarrassment. 

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