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11 Proven Ways to Make Money Blogging Quickly

11 Proven Ways to Make Money Blogging Quickly

Looking for the best ways to make money as a blogger is the major research bloggers make on the internet. 

There is no one on this earth that doesn't want to be a boss of his own. As a blogger,  you write articles and you get paid in various ways.

I know a lot of bloggers are wonder how some other bloggers bank up to a  thousand dollars monthly blogging. Well, they numerous ways of making money blogging in any part of the world.  If you ask how bloggers earn by publishing articles, the quick response to that is through adsense or affiliate marketing, but there is literally other alternative to those method.  But its quite complex and not all bloggers really make money blogging with the method  I will be talking about.

If you have just created a blog or you have a  blog and you want to know how to make money with, you will get to know the best way to do that after reading the article. 

Here are the 11 proven ways to make money blogging.

(1) ad network

Ad network is a popular way of making money blogging in any part of the world. 
Every blogger is aware of this. 
Tons of bloggers make money on their blogs by using different adnwtworks. If you visit any blog and you find various rotating ads. Keep in mind that the blog is authorized by an adntwork. Examples of adnetworks includes google adsense, infolinks, adstera, mgid, propellar ads and many more. You get paid when a vistor clicks on any of the ads placed on your blog by those networks.

(2) direct ads

Direct ads another way of making money blogging. The only advantage about direct ads is that your blog needs to be popular and it must be recieving thousands of traffic in different geographical area. 

Whats direct ads all about?

Its the act of placing ads for companies or brand owners and you get paid for the ads placed on the blog and they will be a time duration depending on your agreemement. You can decide to place the ads for a week, 30 days , or 60 days. You  and the advertiser will negotiate before you place the ads. 

(3) selling digital product

As a blogger, you can sell digital products and you will make Good sales from it.  Selling of digital product is very helpful because not everyone earns on google adsense. 
They are diffent types of digital products to sell ranging from software, ebooks, graphics , video course and many more.

(4) affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is simillar to direct adverts , the difference between the both is that you get paid for every referel that purchass a product or service on your blog, you will be given some percentage of what the advertiser paid the company for the campaign. While direct ads is when you paid a specific amount to promote an advert on your blog. 

Examples of affilite marketinng company are jumia, konga, clickbank, Amazon, and many more.

(5) sponsored post

As a blogger, a brand owner or an entrepreneur, different people can contact you to publish a sponsored post on your blog. Before you get clients, your blog needs  to have a very high domain authority and you must be receiving thousands of traffic every day. 
A lot of bloggers earn passive income monthly by writing spomsored post for differng people

(6) paid reviews

You can earn a decent amount witht your blog by writing a paid reviews.
Paid reviews is similar to sponsored post, but there is a difference. With a paid review, you are being paid to write your viewpoint about a product or a service.  You will be paid a one time payment if you want to write a paid review.

(7) influencer

Influencer marketing is another lucrative way of making money blogging. As an influencer, you are paid one time fee to post on your blog. But keep in mind that your blog needs to be very popular with lots of social media followers, most especially Instagram because that's where you will get most of your clients.

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