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List of people that won millions of money from bet9ja

Bet9ja is a popular sports betting company in Nigeria, they offer bets on various sports events. Bet9ja is a popular sport betting company and its the number  1 sporting betting site in Nigeria, the website is also one of the most visited sites in Nigeria and it gets overs 100 thousand page views everyday.
People play bet9ja for different reasons, some people play it for money while some paly it for fun just to see if they predicted the game correctly.
Some people win millions from bet9ja with just about #500. In this article, you will discover some Nigerian citizens that won millions of naira from bet9ja. You can also do the same but what you need to know is that you have to play it wisely or else you will develop  the habit of spending every money on you for bet9ja

Here is the list of Nigerian citizens that won millions of naira from bet9ja

(1) A 17-year-old boy from Benin
This young man won a huge amount of money from sports betting, his name wasn't disclosed on the Internet but the news trended on the internet. According to the information I got online, this young man resides in the olukpo local government in Benue state. The boy was meant to win more than that, but the bet9ja cashier canceled his ticket because he wants to have #100 to himself. The boy won 43 million naira

(2) Arinze Cosman ezeyanwu
Arinze ezeyanwu is another bet9ja millionaire in Nigeria. He won 36 millionaire naira in 2017, according to my research Arinze was said to be a truck pusher in the east. And one day he just tried to play a certain betting game and lucky for him, he won #36,000 000 from it.  If one has that kind of amount in Nigeria, he or she will be in the best position to buy a land, establish business and buy cars and also take care of the family.

(3) Joseph Vincent
Joseph Vincent was said to win multiple about ranging from 7 million to 11 million i n 2018but, unfortunately, he was assassinated some days after he won those amounts.  His body was found by the roadside very close to a federal university in lafia. After his death, the internet carried out different rumors on how the young man was killed. Some people said Joseph was killed by his family members that wanted to have a cut from the money he won. But his family also claimed that the young man was killed by some set of people that have been watching his movement since the day he won that amount.  Some people also said he was killed by his friends that put some spiritual things in his pocket that made him run mad.  His family also disclosed that he left the house the day he won that amount without informing anyone. And they have been looking for him not until when they found his body on the roadside at lafia

(4) Olashile Ali
Olahsile won 8 million naira in bet9ja, he staked with just #400 and lucky for him the #400 opened doors into his life

(5) Saheed only
Saheed was a friend to olalshile they both played the same game with the same amount the same day and they both won 8 million naira each. The two guys just forecasted European gams and Italian clubs and they both won #8. 000 000 each. 

(6) Victoria Ibe
Victoria is a young lady in Nigeria, she won #16 million with just 7 games. According to what a Twitter user posted, the young lady predicted just 7 draws and she was lucky enough to win #16,000 0000

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