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Learn An Online Skills And Make Cool Money, 8 Online Skills To Learn

8 Online Skills To Learn And Make Cool Money

In this page, am going to tell you some skills to learn online that can fetch you more money. I have 8 lucrative skills you can learn online and make cool money from it. Everyone needs money and it is difficult to get but working hard will put more money in your pocket. I made this list of 8 skills you can learn online that can fetch you more money and if you just change up your career, this list can prove helpful. So, let me list the online skills for you before I discuss on each one of them.

Online Skills To Learn And Make Cool Money

  • Graphic Designing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Video Editing
  • Phone Apps Development
  • Photography
  • Game Development
  • Virtual Bookkeeping

So, let me give you full ddiscussion on these online skills

1. Graphic Designing;

This Graphic designing makes more money online and it is very interesting, many people think that Graphic designer doesn't earn more money online but it's a lie, infact you can earn much more money if you know how to put yourself as a graphic designer. So, as a graphic designer, you would be creating flyers, posters, business cards, illustrations, logos, bus wraps and much more. In order to design these graphics, you would need tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe illustrator along with others once you progress. So, you can search for this skill online or watch on YouTube for better understanding.

2. Digital Marketing;

Do you know that every company in this world needs a digital marketer in order to have a better online presence. So, there is a huge demand for them. Digital marketers are usually well paid, in the Us, an average digital marketer makes about some huge dollars per year.

Let me tell you the various tasks that you would be handling as a digital marketer, they are;
  • Writing and sending out emails
  • Developing video content
  • Improving the overall look of the website
  • Coming up with great blog posts and many more..
So these are the tasks you would be handling as a digital marketer and many more, a great way to make out of this skill is to start off as a freelancer and then move to something bigger. You can search for more information on google or YouTube video about the digital marketing so that you can have more knowledge of it.

3. Web Development;

Web development is all about building websites from the name "web". Almost every business needs a website to have online.This tells you that there is plenty of opportunities for you to make money off this skill. Once you know how to build a website, you will start building website for people that want their businesses to develop well, so you have to learn web development from the experienced one, search on google, so that you can get perfect person that knows this web development very well, learn from that person or you may even learn from google, search for web development and learn from it.

4. Video Editing

Videos are a big thing on the internet today, majority would rather watch online videos instead of TV now. So, if you start editing video, you will smile to the bank because there is a huge money from it. If you can work for only 3 hours in a day editing videos, your pocket will be full of money every single day. In order to edit videos, you would need software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects and a little bit of creativity. So, you need all these for this skill and for more details on how to edit video, just search for it on google, Google will enlights you more.

5. Mobile Apps Development

Phone app development is another greatest skill you can learn and make cool money from it. If I may ask, how many apps do you have on your phone? Some people have up to 6 or 12 apps on their mobile like me, I have almost 18 apps on my phone, some apps help me stay in touch with people while some help me in productivity and I know that is not only me that I have up to this app, some have more apps on their mobile and they use it on a daily basis because they are important.So, using mobile app will never go out of trend. That is why mobile apps development is a great skill to learn and make huge money. Let me tell you 3 ways to make money off your own apps by allowing in-app purchases, enable ads with is the app through AdMob, and also you can make the app premium so users have to pay to download it. 

So with all these, you can be creating your apps and people will be downloading it, this will fetch you more money online, you can even search on google on how to build an app so that you can have more knowledge about it. In addition, you can build apps for others and charge money but learn how to build the apps on google or watch on YouTube for better understanding.

6. Photography

Photography is super fun and rewarding at the same time, everybody loves photography and there is lot of money to be made through this skill because the skill is loved by everyone. There are two easiest ways to make money off this skills, they are by creating an online course around it and by selling photos on stock sites.

There are some sites online that helps to list your photos and get paid whenever someone downloads them, site like shutterstock, they paid some dollars for each download, so if you list your photos on their sites, you will get paid whenever people download them and by the way, you don't need to get a professional camera for this skill and if you can get it, its better, you can click photos from your phone and upload it, its very simple. You may google search on this skill or better still watch on YouTube for better understanding.

7. Game Development

Everybody loves playing game and there is a huge demand for this skill, there is almost billions video gamers in the world and with this growing number of gamers, it is only expected that more and more games will be produced in the coming years. A great thing about developing games is that if a company hires you, you will be working with them even after the game is developed because of future updates and bug fixes and you will be making more money if you develop and sell games yourself rather than working under a company. So, I believe it is a great time to become a game developer and have huge enough of money from it.

8. Virtual Bookkeeping

Virtual bookkeeping is another skill, it is not common and it requires a bit of brain power because you would be taking care of taxes, handling payments, creating invoices, maintaining yearly budget and o many other thing. So if you are good in virtual definitely you are going to be good in this skill. It is a skill you can start from home and you will earn more money from it. Google search on it so that you can understand better.

Now, you have discovered 8 good skills that can fetch you more money online, it's all left to you to pick one out of the skills here and be making cool money from it. All these skills are good money fetcher, you can now pick your choice..

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