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How To Make Kunu Drink At Home For Your Refreshment

Procedure For preparing Kunu Drink At Home For Refreshment

Kunnu is a popular drink especially in Northern part of Nigeria which is called "kununzaki", it is indigenous Nigerian drink made from whole grains or millet, sorghum or corn and it is highly nutritious drink rich in protein and fiber, it is also packed with lots of vitamins and minerals.

This popular drink can be served at event to give guests a refreshing taste, you can have it at home as Refreshment, you can even make it as a business, people loves kunu drinks once it is chilled, you can be selling it as wholesales or retails. It is very rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Let me quickly tell you the health benefits of this kunu drink

Kunu drink has a lot of health benefits which people are not even aware of, these benefits are all perfect because of the ingredients used in making this delicious drink such as the ginger and so on. So am going to tell you the health benefits of this kunu drink.
  • The drink has a substantial health benefits for pregnancy women, this is because of the presence of ginger which is the magic ingredient in it and a super food. Ginger increases the blood circulation of the body which is very good for the baby so that it can have the standard level of blood supply.
  • The ginger also helps the pregnant women to settle their stomach and help reduce nausea which is a common factor in pregnant women, the ginger in kunun you drink also helps to aid digestion in pregnant women.
  • Kunun drink  boosts the sperm count in men, kunun drink boosts sperm count due to the sweet potato used is very high in vitamin C. Sweet potato is filled with vitamin C. According to some studies, it was reported that vitamin C is antioxidant that has the power to deactivate sperm busting free radical and also vitamin C has a lot of advantages which include reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, risk of cancer and eye problem.
  • Kunun drink also helps you lose weight due to the high content of protein which is the millet used. Your daily protein requirement is met without eating meat.
  • Kunun drink also reduce the risk of having diabetes
  • Its also good for women who have reached their menopause stage because it helps them to relax their muscles.
  • Kunun also prevent chronic inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.
I hope these Heath Benefits of kunun drink is very useful so, let's quickly discuss how we can make this kunun drink, i will be telling you how you can prepare the drink without any stress, here are the ingredients you need in making kunu drink;

  • 3 cups of Millet 
  • 1 medium sized peeled sweet potato
  • 2 medium sized peeled Ginger 
  • 1 tablespoon of cloves
  • Add sugar to taste
  • Then water

Procedures for preparing the drink

The procedure for making this drink is quite straight forward, although it takes up two to three days and then you would need to have a sieve and blender to complete the process.

Now, let's talk about the direction for preparing this kunu drink

1. Soaking the millet seed

You would have to soak the millet seed to allow to ferment for about 48 hours. Then the water should however, be changed after seven hours.

2. Washing the millet
Wash the millet seed properly with clean water and then add Ginger, Cloves and Sweet potato to the washed millet.

3. Blend all together

Then blend all the ingredients together until you have a smooth paste while adding water for fine consistency. A blender with shrap blade or grinding mill is recommended.

4. Sieving

After you have blend, sieve the entire content and allow it to settle for good 7 hours, after which you should have a clear fluid above and the thick sediment at the bottom.

5. Pouring the above fluid

So, pour off the liquid above leaving the thick sediment and then split the thick paste into two separate bowl and add boiled hot water into one of the bowl and stir consistency before adding another hot water into the other bowl.

6. Mixing all together

Mix the two separated content back together again and stir, add water until you have achieved the thickness of your choice.

7. Sieve it again

Seive the entire content again to remove the chaff, then add sugar to sweeten the taste, refrigerate your kunu drink and serve chilled. Kunnu is the best drink in the whole world, why can't you just make your own drink instead of buying it.
Kunu is a good drink and its nourishes the body.

Wth all these steps, I hope you would be able to make your own homemade kunu drink and I hope these steps will guide you to make the drink deliciously...

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