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How To Know Fake And Original Jamb Result Slip And Admission Letter

How Can You Know The Fake And Original Jamb Result Slip And Admission Letter

In this article, I am going to tell you how you can know both original and fake Jamb result slip and the admission letter.The JAMB Original Result Slip and Jamb Admission Letter are two important documents every JAMB candidate will have to print at one time or the other during the admission process to any tertiary institutions in Nigeria. The Jamb result slip is needed during Post Utme Registration and even during the Screening exercise most times while the Admission Letter may be requested much later after the candidate may have secured admission. Both Documents are usually demanded during Admission Clearance.

So, it is very important that candidates must ensure they they print only the Original copies of these documents. Many Cyber Cafes and Business centers do print and give fake original Jamb slip and Admission letters to candidates without the candidate's knowledge. Some candidates also an a bid to manipulate their admission do forge result slips and Admission letters which is not good at all.

Now, JAMB has provided means that anyone can use to differentiate Original and the real Jamb Result slip and Admission letter from the fake ones. So, I am going to discuss with you how you can recognize the original Jamb result slip from the fake ones and the original Admission letter, so let's keep reading;

How To Know Original Jamb Result Slip And Admission Letter

1. Using the Security Features

To know original Jamb result slip and Admission Letter, they are going to use security features for both documents i.e your Jamb Registration number will be placed as a watermark across the two documents, then the online payment reference number should be reflected on the two number and the Barcode bearing vital information has been placed on the two documents. If you can see all these three keys, it means it is the original documents and if you can't see them, it means you are holding a fake documents.

2. Using CAPS

For those who have not printed their Result Slip Or Admission Letter, they will find the following message displayed on their screen when viewed, the message that will be displayed is;  "Result slip not yet printed or Admission Letter not yet printed". So, any Result slip or Admission Letter presented is therefore fake. Don't let them scam you, be wise.

For those who have printed each of the documents, they will also have the following message displayed on their screen when viewed and the message that will also be displayed is; "Original Result Slip Printed or Original Admission Letter Printed"when you see this, it means its original.

3. Using Personal Details

The original Jamb Result Slip and Admission Letter should bear information like the following: Name, JAMB Registration number, Name of the institution and Course you applied to and your Passport Photograph.

Don't let anyone fool you with fake documents, wise up, check your documents very well before you leave the cafes, so with all these steps, I hope you will be able to recognize original documents from the fake ones and I hope this page help you a lot, if it's yes, comment in the box provided and if you want to add more to what I wrote, also comment as well.. I wish you all the best...

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