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Do You Know You Can Use An Unripe Plantain To Cure Stomach Ulcer?

How Can You Use Unripe Plantain To Cure Stomach Ulcer

Hey guys! I know this post will be amazed, a lot of thoughts would have comes into your mind that how can someone use just an unripe plantain to cure stomach ulcer, don't be surprised, its really works. I have someone with gastric stomach ulcer for a very long time, in fact the ulcer has been chronic, he has spent a lot of money for medical treatment but still the ulcer is still there, he was saying this problem he was facing for someone that if he can see the natural home remedy for this ulcer he will be greatful, so I now decided to help the man, I told him about this natural remedies and after some days he came to testify about it, so, am now using the privilege to share my readers about this natural home remedies for ulcer patients.

Do you know that this stomach ulcer can be cured permanently with this natural home remedies which is unripe plantain? If you are familiar with this unripe plantain, you will notice that it has a sticky gum that is some how hard to remove from it gums on your hand, even our great forefathers recognized this gum content of an unripe plantain that it has the power to cover up those wound or sore in the intestine, our forefather believe in this in the olden days, there is no any medical treatment then, they used this medicinal herbal concussion which is unripe plantain to cure stomach ulcer.
So, I am going to tell you how they use this unripe plantain to cure stomach ulcer in their olden days and its really work even up till now.

How can you prepare this medicine

I am going to tell you how to prepare the medicine, the dosage even the benefits of this unripe plantain but before I proceed, let me quickly tell you the health benefit of this unripe plantain.

Health Benefits Of Unripe Plantain

1. Unripe Plantain is rich in so many vitamins, it is rich in vitamain E, B2, PP, Pectin, Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Serotonin and Starch.

2. It is very useful for those who are suffering from ulcer and other disease connected with gastrointestinal tract, as well as diabetics, people who have hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, anemia, nervous disorder and it is also helps in kidney diseases.

3. Its also helps to lose calories and sugar especially if you are suffering from excess weight and diabetics

4. Its contains substances that kill bacteria that cause stomach ulcer, normalising the work of the intestines.

5. It is a good helper for people who are suffering from constipation and frustration, filling potassium deficiency in the body, unripe plantain restore the intestinal water balance.

6. When someone is having diarrhea, dehydrated and losses very important of electrolyte, an unripe plantain will perfectly solved the problem.

Now let's talk about how to prepare the medicine

1. Get the unripe plantains, you can get two or three fruits of an unripe plantain.

2. Peel out the bark and wash it very well if you decide to do that.

3. Cut them into smaller pieces, you may cut them as if you want to fry plantain or you may just cut them in smaller pieces so as to ald its fermentation.

4. Then, get a big bowl or plastic container that has cover, rinse the container very well and allow it to dry.

5. After that, fill the dry container with the peeled unripe plantain

6. Add clean water to it, the water on it must be half or more but don't fill to the brim.

7. Then, cover the container tightly and shake it together with its contents and then you can now store in a good place for fermentation to take place within two or three days.

8. After a period of two to three days, you can now check your concussion, it is now ready to use. Don't be afraid to use it accordingly and don't be afraid to take it, none of the contents is poisonous, don't be scared to take it, it will only help you to cure your stomach ulcer permanently, it won't harm you.

This concussion is not the way of condemning the modern science and its medical treatments, its just a way of improving self-therapy and the use of alternative medicines to cure people, am not here to condemn any medical treatments for gastric stomach ulcer but am here to tell you the natural herbal treatment for stomach ulcer that can cure ulcer permanently once you stay away from any drugs that contain aspirin and also if you can stay away from alcohol, cigarettes because this may bring the ulcer back but when you stay away from them, you are definitely free from ulcer, trust me! The man I prescribed this concussion for, he was now doing well, no more ulcer again, I know it can work for you too, just try it and have faith because faith is the mother of all healing in life, if you can take this concussion with faith, am very sure you will say goodbye to ulcer.

Let me now tell you the dosage of the concussion

Every morning before you take your breakfast, take a glass cup of it every blessed morning, use it accordingly for two to three weeks, am very sure you will overcome the ulcer. And then before you start this remedy, please go for a medical check up to be sure if truly you have gastric stomach ulcer, if you've been diagnosed, you can now start the remedy and I believe that it will work perfectly for you just try it and thank me later. Thanks.....

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