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List of Skills You Must Learn Before the Age of 25

These days, people just attend higher institutions because they want to have a degree. There is no much assurance that they will get employed when they become graduates. 
In Nigeria, we have a lot of graduates seeking jobs. 

Some graduates even do odd jobs to get peanuts. Don't you think it's nice if you be a boss on your own, do you have to work under anyone before you become a boss? NO.

 You can earn a significant amount of money with these skills i will be listed below.
Some Nigerian citizens earn thousands of naira every month with these skills, if you have a job and a skill you can do both of them but that's if you work in a place where you don't have to resume every blessed day.

Here is the list of skills to learn in Nigeria before the age of 25

(1). Photography
Someone once said android phones have taken over photography career, I looked at the person and laughed. That's not true at all, there are some creative things photographers do with their cameras which android phones can never do. Besides photographers are needed on different occasions ranging from Weddings,  birthday parties, engagement, naming ceremony and many more.
Some of these photographers charge up to #200.000 per event. If you are lucky enough to get four events monthly, that's  #800,000 monthly. Even Nigerian banks don't pay their staff this amount every month.

(2). Fashion designing
If you are creative and you also know a lot about trendy fashion styles. You can learn fashion designing and earn a decent amount every month. Fashion designing is a Lucrative business in the whole world, not only in Nigeria.
People hire fashion designers to sew different outfits for various occasions ranging from weddings, burials, House warming, birthday parties and many more.
Fashion designing skill will earn you a decent amount of money and also get you referrals. But if you really want to get your self boosted try as much as possible to be creative and be very proficient.

(3). Website designing
Website designing is another skill that will take you places. If you expertise in this skill, you just need to look out for business owners that are looking forward to having an online presence.
Once you come across any business owner, just tell them about your service and also convince them about how your business can help their business move.
 You should also show them a sample of your previous gigs. Make sure you also have a website of your own. You can also join freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork to get clients online.

(4). Content writing
Content writing is a great skill that can fetch you passive income on the internet. They are lots of websites that hire a freelance writer to write articles for them.
you can charge them as much as $10 per 500 words articles, and if you write 15 articles, weekly that's $150. If your times $150 by four that's $600 30 days.
Some graduates don't even earn up to that per month. You can join freelance sites like Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour and many more. Those websites will get you, clients, to work with.

(5). Catering
If you learn catering in Nigeria, you will never go broke again. Because there is always an event every weekend, ranging from house warming, burials, wedding, birthday parties and many more. And the organizers are ready to pay your service.

(6). Barbing
Every Barber in Nigeria never runs out of customers, Because people cut their hair every day.  It is very important for a guy to cut his hair regularly so he can look elegant and responsible.  
Barbing skills will earn you passive once every month. Let's assume you charge people #300 per hair cut and you get about 20 customers daily if you times 300 by 20 that's #6000 daily. If you earn #600 every day that's #200.000 in one month.

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