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How to Win Bet9ja Everyday Using Gambler Velocity


      What is Gambler Velocity?

Gambler Velocity Also have 10 laws on its own which you must put everything in-ordered before making your selections.

The 10 laws of gambler velocity states -:

1. Say NO to big teams.
2. Say NO to bookmaker odds.
3. Say NO to heads to heads.
4. Say NO to prediction sites.
5. Say NO to fellow punters.
6. Say NO to team comparisons.
7. Say NO to team lineups.
8. Say NO to home/away advantages.
9. Say NO to team positions.
10. Say NO to fears.


The 1st law of Gambler Velocity says -: Say NO to big teams. Simply means don’t depends on big clubs when you are making your selections because big teams normally spoiled ticket at times and this will be a big pain because you don’t expect such thing to happen.                             
For example: In a ticket of 5odds, the games you selected are like this below.
Teams               1X2              Odds
Man city               1                1.15.
PSG                     2                1.25.
Munich                 2                1.22.
Barcelona            1                 1.30.
Ajax                      2                1.17.
Juventus              1                 1.32.
Celtic                    1                 1.20.

Young boys          1                 1.25.  
                      Total odds   =   5.28

Don’t be surprised that 1 or 2 teams can draw or lose out of this 8 selections and you will lost the game. You will be unfortunate because you have depends on big teams from different countries not knowing all of them can’t win.
This is the reason why most soccer punters lost to bookmakers every time especially during weekend when a lot of games are available.

The 2nd law of Gambler Velocity says -: Say NO to bookmaker odds. This simply means don’t focus on the odds given to each teams by the bookmakers. They give odds to each teams depending on their current form and head to head, that doesn’t told you a team given a smaller odd is going to win or the team given the highest odd is going to loss.

The 3rd law of Gambler Velocity says -: Say NO to heads to heads. This simply means don’t predict any game with their head to head results of previous matches.

For example:
    2      1
    3   ­–   0
    4   ­–   0                   
    3      1
    2      0
Though PSG beat ANGERS back to back in the last 5 previous matches they meet but that doesn’t told you that PSG is still going to beat ANGERS again every time they meet, so don’t depends on head to head. Check the 2 teams current criteria to know who will win and who will lose.

The 4th law of Gambler Velocity says -: Say NO to prediction sites. This simply means that don’t depends on the tips you get on a prediction sites because those tipsters can’t give out accurate tips free of charge and most of them don’t make a well researched on the tips they posted online and secondly, some sites prediction are predicted by machine and they are not guaranteed.

The 5th law of Gambler Velocity says -: Say NO to fellow punters. This simply means that don’t believe in what your friend told you about a game or the games you saw on a WhatsApp group predicted by other punters.                     
Some of them are new-to-betting, while some of them predict with greediness or self-confident without making any further researched on their selections.

The 6th law of Gambler Velocity says -: Say NO to team comparisons. This simply means don’t compare MAN CITY with EVERTON when they meet that Man city must win because they are big team or they have better players than Everton.
Don’t also say that Man city is going to beat Everton because Chelsea just beat Everton and Man city is better than Chelsea, football prediction is not done like that because it is a pure mathematics with algorithms patterns.

The 7th law of Gambler Velocity says -: Say NO to team lineups. This simply means don’t predict with the lineup of any team, for example: Arsenal can used their first 11 squad and they may lose to WolveBarcelona using their first 11 squad doesn’t mean they can’t lose the match they want to play because football spirit is vice versa which the weak opponent players may gain playing strength of a sudden or have luck of winning the match.

The 8th law of Gambler Velocity says -: Say NO to home/away advantages. This simply means don’t predict a team because they are at home, though some years ago, some big teams normally wins all their home matches but nowadays everything has totally changed because in some countries like (Egypt Premier League), (Denmark First Division), Away team normally win and other leagues like that.

The 9th law of Gambler Velocity says -: Say NO to team positions. This simply means don’t predict with teams position because a team at the bottom of the league table can beat the team on the top of the league table. Why, it is because a team can pick up form at the beginning of the season by winning every HOME/AWAY matches and later lose form in the middle of the season or at the end of the season.

The fact is that a team at the bottom of the league table may perform miracle at-times by beating the top team in-order to have point especially when they are fighting for relegation.

But in some leagues such as (England League One, League Two) and others, a team at the bottom of the league table normally beat the team at the top and it also happens in other leagues.
Some weak teams may pick form in training at a particular week and that may leads them to beat the top team they are meeting in that same particular week. This is the rough secret behind football prediction that most punters doesn’t know while they are predicting with teams position.

The 10th law of Gambler Velocity says -: Say NO to fears. This simply means don’t be afraid of any team you want to select, especially on odds.
At a time you may want to select a particular team but fears will catch you immediately you see the odds given to the team by the bookmakers. This normally happens in some leagues like Denmark First Division whereby the bookmakers will give big odds for over2.5 goals for those teams and they usually score more than 3goals.

Viborg  vs  Fredericia
 1.85    3.55   5.46.
Viborg given big odd doesn’t mean they can’t win so don’t allow fear when you are making your prediction especially once you have made a long-run research on the 2 teams.                       
Over2.5 option given 1.86 or 2.04 doesn’t mean the game can’t result to over2.5.
Fear comes in different ways, maybe you have already workout your game and you later check football prediction sites to check there predictions maybe its tally with your own and you can find out that the game you predict OVER2.5, all prediction sites predict it STRAIGHT WIN and you probably changed it to straight win because of fears that comes in you.

You can lose that game because you bring in doubts on it through the prediction sites tips that makes you afraid of your own prediction.
Fear comes to punters in many ways, so avoid them and take heart.

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