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How To Start Poultry Farming Business Successfully In Nigeria

How Can You Start Poultry Farming Business In Nigeria

Am going to tell you so many things in this website but before I proceed I would like to give a full definition of poultry farming and the advantages.

What is Poultry Farming?

Poultry farming can be defined as the process of raising various domestic birds like chicken, turkey, ducks, geese and so on for their eggs or meat and for commercial and individuals purposes.This poultry farming has been a common practice in Nigeria for a very long time and it has become an indispensable part of the farming and agricultural system.

Poultry farming is the most lucrative business in Nigeria, the word "lucrative" means the consumption of the end product, chicken and eggs are in constant demand up and down the country and it happens to be a potent source of animal protein like fish, pork and beef. Poultry farming doesn't require a huge capital to start, you can even start from the comfort of your house if you have enough space to take the number of chicks that you desire. Poultry farming is of different types such as duck rearing, chicken rearing, quails, turkey, boiler and so on. The principles underlying are the same. So, am going to tell you ten basic steps you need to follow to start a successfully poultry farming business in Nigeria but before I tell you, let me first of all tell you the advantages of this poultry farming.

Advantages Of Poultry Farming

  • Poultry Farming in Nigeria is a lucrative business opportunity for an individuals and also for Entrepreneurs.
  • Commercial poultry farming creates great employment opportunities for the job seekers.
  • This poultry farming is a great business that can never dry off.
  • Its also provide us eggs and meat which serves as a great source of nutritious food.
  • There are so many poultry farming like birds, chicks, geese, etc available, you can choose any according to your desired.
  • It is a great business idea which brings more income, anyone can start raising poultry in domestic and commercial purpose.
  • Almost everybody loves eggs and meat no traditional taboo or religious taboo about consuming poultry products like eggs and meat.

So let me tell you the 10 steps you need to know before you can start your poultry farming business successfully in Nigeria.

Poultry Farming Equipment You May Need To Start The Business

Poultry equipments are so many, you can choose to produce some of them, they include:

  • Feeder: 
    it is the device for supplying feeds to the chicks
  • Nests: the place where chicken lay eggs
  • Cages: 
     is like boxes made specially for keeping chicken
  • Waterers: it is a device for supplying water to the chicken
  • Incubator: is just a device for keeping eggs warm until they are hatch
  • Brooders/heaters: it is a heater structure for raising the young fowl.
So you can get one or two of the equipments, you may not get all to start the business. Now you have had an idea of the equipments used in poultry farming business, so let us go into the aspects of how to start the business successfully.

Steps For Starting Poultry Farming Business Successfully In Nigeria.

I will be telling you 10 steps to start the poultry farming business successfully;

1. You have to take enough time to learn the tricks of the business.

2. Make a decision on broiler breeding or egg breeding, even you can decide on both and have your investment ready.

3. You have to set the location of your farm.

4. Then put up a poultry farm structure

5. You have to provide an equipment for the poultry farm

6. You need workers for the poultry

7. Buying your chicks

8. Feeding the chicks very well

9. Selling the products which is there eggs 

10. The budget

Let me explain the steps in details:

1. Taking Enough Time To Learn The Tricks Of The Business

My dear reader, you don't just jump in to the business, you have to take enough time to learn, many people who are quick to rush into the poultry farming business regret afterwards because it is a delicate business and only those who play by the rules succeed just because breeding a day old chicks is not something someone can be careless about so that the all chicks will not die.

So dear, what you can do after deciding to go into this business is to start a training course on how to breed chicks. You can even consult a farmer, pay a token fee, and he or she will put you through, the reason for this training is that handling day old chicks is very flexible and a novice in the business will surely get it wrong, so when you've consulted a farmer, you will surely get it right.

2. Decision On Broiler Breeding or Egg Breeding, Even Both Have Your Investment Ready

If you decide on both broiler breeding, your scale of operation depends on the amount of money you have and how much you can access from the financial institutions in the course of time. If you have millions of naira, you can begin by acquiring a plot of land and putting up a structure that is appropriate for the business or if you have enough space in your house, you can start a small structure that is appropriate for the business.

You may consult an expert of this business, two areas to invest are commonly undertaking by many people I.e broiler chicken for meat and layers for egg. People do engage on this area of Poultry business i.e poultry farm for poultry feeds. It is not common and can be very profitable since the danger of losing your chicks as a result of disease do not apply.

3.  Setting The Location Of Farm

You have to set the location of your farm, in locating your poultry farm, you must consider some things such as nearness to the market where the product are going to be sold but away from the town, if you have your farm at home due to the enough space in your house, you can move the product which is the eggs into the market for sale but if there is no space, whenever the farm is located, it must have access to roads, adequate security, power and clean water supply.

4.  You Can Put Up A Poultry Farm Structure

Putting up a poultry farm structure makes the chicken feels comfortably, there are mainly three types of structures for your poultry, only two are preferred and then one is recommended. These three poultry farm structure are;

  • Free roaming system; this structure is not recommended since you do not have control of the birds. Because this free roaming system gives the chicks freedom to roam about and fend for themselves.
  • Sawdust system; the cage where the chicken are kept is filled with sawdust and chicks can move freely about within the enclosure. You must be changing the sawdust frequently in order to keep the chicks safe from diseases.
  • Caging system; the chicks are housed in cages, different sizes of chicks for different sizes of cages. There is a battery caging system where there will be provisions for the feeding of the chicken, laying of eggs are dropping by the chicken. The battery caging system is highly recommended because each groups of birds are housed in a separate cage that gives the birds freedom of association but it could be more costly but for commercial purposes, the battery caging system and the sawdust system must be large enough to give the birds freedom and also good for ventilation.

5.  Procure Equipment For The Poultry Farm

The equipments recommended for poultry business are many and they are all important. Most of them are listed earlier so you can find out the prices depending on the scale of business you want to go into. You have to get the necessary equipment before you can start the poultry business. The equipments are affordable to buy, not too expensive.

6. Workers

You need workers for the poultry, if you are operating at a low scale of chicken, you can safety manage it yourself but beyond this level, you have to engage some workers to assist in the daily operations of the poultry. But as a beginner, I would say you should operate the business in a small way until you get more mature. But if you are a novice, you can engage an experienced person to work with you for some time until you acquired more knowledge.

7.  Buying Your Chicks

Buying of chicks is very easy, all you need to do is to search for the trusted poultry farmers and buy from them. Try not to buy an unhealthy chicks or the chicks that were not properly bred on terms of good nutrition. So you have to get an healthy chicks, look very well before you can buy your chicks.

8. Feeding The Chicks

You have to feed your chicks very well, at the beginning, you can start with already prepared feeds until you are aware of the feeds production. Get the already prepared feeds from the trusted feeds sellers and be patient until you can prepare the feeds yourself. You have to wait until you can prepare the feeds very well yourself, just keep on buying the prepared feeds. You must vaccinate the chicken at the right time for proper medication, always provide them clean water and also maintain proper hygiene to keep the birds healthy. Proper hygiene and medication is very important in this business.

9.  Selling The Products

You can sell your chicken products at the appropriate time, you should consult those people that are in to eggs business, those that sells eggs both retails and wholesales and know the actual prices of the crates of eggs. You can collect their names and addresses, inform them that you have a farm and that you will begin to supply them with eggs at a particular time, you can also make similar contacts for the sale of live chicken. So with all these, you've started making huge money.

10. Budgets

Before you can start this poultry farming business, I would advice you to make a list of all the equipments you would need to start the poultry farming business, you can also do a shopping in order to gather information on the prices. You shouldn't forget to find out the cost of a day old chicks as well as the poultry feeds. 

In conclusion, this poultry farming business has many ups and downs and it can be profitable if you handled it with care. My dear, to be successful in business, you must be very careful, play by the rules and patience. A patience dogs eats the fattest bone, so you have to be patience in every aspects of business. Business brings more money, if you can start up this poultry farming business, you will smile at last when you have millions in your account...

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