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How to Setup a Standard Cyber Cafe Shop for Huge Income

If you know a lot about computers or you once attended a computer institution, you can start a cyber cafe business In Nigeria and you earn good cash from it every week, monthly and anually.

Some years ago when smartphones became rampant, people go to the cyber cafe to do various things on the internet and cybercafe owners we're making it big.

Cybercafe business is still a Lucrative business, even for the fact that people have Mobile devices. In this article, I will be talking about how you can start a cyber cafe business in Nigeria with the use of an internet connection that can be used for vast downloads.
If you want to start a cyber cafe business In Nigeria you will need a fascinated internet bundle for it.

Most phone networks we use in the country do not offer unlimited downloads but some few networks do. But it will be nice if you go for the ones that suites you or the available ones you find.
Here is a guideline on how to start a cyber cafe business In Nigeria

(1) Get a shop or a big hall
The first thing to do when you want to start a cyber cafe business In the country is to look for a shop within your area or in a nice place where you feel the business will move. You can get a big shop or a hall if you like.
Depending on the amount you are willing to invest in the business.
But I will advise you to start with a small shop first, then when the business starts bringing revenues you broaden it.
You can get a cheap shop, you can also get a shop for about #5000 monthly.
If you are getting a shop for that amount then you will be paying #60,000 annually.
When you are just about to get the shop, I will advise you to budget about #150,000, and that's because you will pay for some expenses like the agent fees.

(2) Get equipment for the Like
When you have just gotten the shop, the next thing to do is to get interiors into the shop. Examples of the interior to put in the shop are chairs, table, fan, Air Condition and many more. You need to budget about #250,000 for that.

(3) Paint the shop
If the shop wasn't painted when you rented it, you need to paint it, because that is what will attract more people to the shop.

(4) Put a tv in the shop
You need to put a tv in the shop just to entertain customers, you can get a small tv for as low as #30,000. you can buy a big one if you wish

(5) Buy some desktops computer
A Desktop computer is one of the major things to buy when you want to start a cybercafe business. 
When you want to buy the desktop, make sure you buy it from a reliable dealer. 
Not just anyone. The best place to buy desktop is at the computer village in Ikeja Lagos, but if you don't reside in Lagos, I will advise you to make in-depth research on the best computer seller in your area. You will need at least 8 desktops. Depending on how big the shop is

(6) Generator
A generator is very important because we don't have a constant power supply in Nigeria, although some states like Osun states have at least  20 hours light. But you still need to get one.

(7) Get an inexhaustible intranet connection
The best internet connection to get when you want to start a cyber cafe business is Etisalat or statcomm, these networks are the best to use if you want to run a successful cybercafe business.
What you just need is to pay for it every month, and you will browse with it unlimitedly and earn a lifetime Income.

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