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How to register msport account on mobile phone

Msport betting is a new betting company  and it is currently trying to get new members to its platform. They give new users first deposit bonus up to 13,000 cool isn't it and what's going to burst your brain is this as a new user on your first bet they give you 200 naira if your bet losses as a consolation this is quite generous because there is no betting company that does this  they also  provide  fast payment and their customer services is 24/7 they are there to hear your complains and hear you out . They provide bets on various sports too like basketball, tennis, ice hockey e.t.c so you can create an account, log in and start betting.

1 login
The first thing you need to do to register an msport account on your mobile phone is to login to their website you can do that by going to their website www.msport.com or you can login with their app, then after you have logged in to their site this is what you will see look at the picture below now that you jave logged in you have to click on register to be able to register your account.

2. Register
The next thing you have to do now is to register after you have logged in look at the picture shown below that is what it will look like.

   To register the first thing you have to do is to enter your phone number make sure it is correct because Msport account registration is not like all other betting company registration.
   The next and final thing you have to do is set up your password make sure it is something you can easily remember, then click on Register then your account becomes active and you can deposit and Start betting.

I hope this article has been helpful to you and you can now create your msport account, and as you can see Msport account registration is very simple and unique from others.

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