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How to register konfambet account on mobile phone

Konfam bet is a new betting company and its famous in Africa countries like Nigeria, Ghana,kenya, tanzania e.t.c.
      I'll be teaching you how to register konfambet on your mobile phone with the few easy steps I'll be giving below.

   What you need to register is just your
1. Phone number
2. Mobile phone
3. Email address
4. Internet connection

1. Login
The first thing you have to do to register a konfambet account on your mobile phone is to login to the konfam bet by using their website www.konfambet.com or you can login by using their app, after logging in this what it will look like in the picture below click on register.

2. Register
Now that you have logged in to the website now you have to register, so click on register it will bring you to the page you will register what you need to register is your phone number and email address look atthe picture below.

       In the first field is the phone number, now put your phone number make sure that it is correct and do not make mistake when inputing it.
      In the second field  is the email address, now enter your email address make sure it is correct because a validation message will be sent to the email address to confirm your account.
      In the  third and fourth field is the password you have to fill in the password you want make sure it is the one you can easily remember so and you have to input the same password I'm the fourth column to confirm the password then click on I'm above 18 because the legal age for gambling is 18years now click on register voila your account is ready, All you just have to do is deposit and keep on betting.

The simple steps given above are very straight forward, self explanatory and easy to grab. I hope this article has been helpful to you and you can now create your konfambet  account enjoy and Bet on.

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