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How To Make Millions Of Naira In Charcoal Business In Nigeria

How You Can Start A Charcoal Business In Nigeria

In this article, am going to tell you how you can make millions of naira in charcoal business in Nigeria. You may be  surprised that how can someone make cool money in a charcoal business, it may sound strange but the truth is that charcoal business is very lucrative business in Nigeria.

Have you ever search from the people who uses charcoals? Numbers of restaurants and canteens in our major cities including Lagos use charcoal as their source of fuel for cooking, people cook and use charcoal almost everyday. Apart from using charcoal for cooking, it can be used for roasting of corn, plantain or use for barbecue. Even it is also use for ironing cloths for those people in some villages who does not have electricity, they use charcoals in their iron box for pressing their cloths.
charcoal used in roasting

Making Of Charcoal

  • You can find a place outside a city for the production of charcoal

  • Look for raw materials like dry or semi dry woods
  • Make or dig up a hole and then place the wood in the ground you've digged and set the wood ablaze.
  • Cover it with sand till the following day

  • You can replace the tree you cut down by planting up another trees.
After all these, you can make an options which is production, retail and wholesale option, whether you live in city ,village or town, you can invest in a least one of the options especially the production option which is ideal for village or town because of the nearness of raw materials, the wholesaling and the retailing options are the most suited for micro entrepreneurs.

Let's talk about the options;

Production Option

In production, you can look for capital of at least #250,000, you will need wood cutting saw and always put on your safety booth when walking around the bush. Convey the logs of woods from the bush to your production site and start the process of burning the wood, make sure its dry wood.

Retail Option

In retails, you can look for at least #30,000 for capital, look for the wholesalers, get small small nylon for repackaging, package it very well the way it will attract sales and look for the customers for patronage, the customers will come once you package it very well, those who roast corn, barbecue, suya, plantain will come to the retails for buying.

Wholesale Option

In wholesale, you will need capital at least #150,000, you will look for at least 2-3 suppliers from farm gates then arrange for transport to convey sacks of charcoals and look for the retailers to supply, add the cost of purchase of charcoals, transport, and add your profit on the charcoals and sell them to the retailers. 

The result of this charcoal business is rewarding and the wonderful thing is that there is a demand for it throughout the year. It is relatively difficult to produce charcoal in the raining season because the  ground where the productions supposed to take place will be wet.

For those of you that want to start a business or you are thinking of business you want to venture into, I will advice you to embrace this business idea because it is very fast in sales and a lot of people uses charcoal as their source of fuel, remember that any job brings clean and cool money, if you can invest your money into this charcoal business, you will smile to bank, am telling you the fact..

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