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How to deposit on sportybet with Atm card

      I'll be teaching you how to deposit on your sportybet account with the use of recharge card cool right? I am sure many dont know you can deposit to your sportybet account with the use of Atm card well now you know.
      what you just have to to is read and  follow  the process I'll be listing below so you can understand it. And what's also cool is that these steps are very easy steps you can easily comprehend and there are photos to back up the explanation so just be attentive.

    These are what you need to deposit to sportybet account with the use of Atm card.
1. A sporty bet account
2. A valid ATM card

1. Login
Firstly we start with login, you have to login to your account before you deposit. So you can deposit by going to their website www.Sportybet.com or you can login with the use of their app which ever one you prefer then we move on to deposit.

2. Deposit
So now you have to deposit this is what you need to keep in mind the least amount you can deposit is 100 naira, So you must have 100 naira above in your Bank account.
      Click on DEPOSIT then select New CARD  then you will have to fill in your card details.
      Then you select the amount you want to deposit then after selecting the amount you want to deposit it will tell you enter your PIN then it will ask for OTP to verify you are the owner of the ATM so enter the OTP and the amount will reflect in your account and you can bet on.
With these few easy steps, I hope you were able to get how to deposit through the use of Atm card, Most don't know you can deposit on your sporty bet account  with the use of atm card well now you know enjoy.

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