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Best 10 Lucrative Businesses In Nigeria You Can Start With Low Capital

Best Businesses In Nigeria You Can Start With Low Capital

There are some businesses ideas in Nigeria that you can start with low capital especially in this present situation, we all know that business planning begins with an idea and that is the main reasons why am going to give you ten best businesses you can start in Nigeria with some token amount. Maybe you've been thinking about starting a business in Nigeria but you don't know where to start from or the business to invest your money into to make good profit, am telling you right now that you are in the right place, so am going to tell you best 10 lucrative businesses ideas in Nigeria you can invest your money into with just small capital which can provide you good profit and it will makes you smile at last.

Here are the 10 best businesses in Nigeria you can invest your money into that you will never regret of it..

1.  Poultry Farming

In my last post, I have discussed on how to start a poultry farming without any stress, you can quickly review on the post to know more on how to start a well poultry farming business. This business makes an average Nigerians rich and it is so lucrative that everybody are coming to invest into poultry farming business and if you start with 500 fowls and you manage your poultry farm properly, when the investment begins to come especially when your chicken begins to produce some eggs, you will be making millons per month. So this poultry farming business is a good business that you can start with a small capital and you will earn very well.

2. Snail Rearing

Snail rearing is a low capital investment with high yield and the market is big. Few people currently doing this snail rearing business and most of them are doing it in a very low scale. If someone invest heavily in snail farming, am very sure that he/she will make good money in millions within a year. Snail farming business has a huge profit that you can make within a month.

3.  Pure Water Production

Pure water production is a popular business in Nigeria and you know how many they dispensed daily, though this business is capital intensive but well worth investing into, especially if you can manage it properly, so pure water production is a very good business to start with a small capital and you will smile at last on this business because it is very fast in selling.

4.  Fast Food Eatery

Eatery business is another best business you can invest into and it is profitable, most people loves fast food like chinchin, pie, sausage roll, and other what you can use flour to make, fast food moves fast if you can know how to produce it. You can easily watch the production of any fast food you intends to produce on YouTube, it is a low capital business that you can start and it requires good management skills and if you can get it right, free money is yours, you make a huge profit from it because everybody loves fast food.

5.  Dry Cleaning

This business move very fast especially in this type of lock down issue, Professional dry cleaners at affordable price are very scarce in Nigeria, some professional dry cleaners service fees are extremely high and they used African time, they never keep with time. For instance, if you give them cloths today, you will meet it unwashed after a week you've given them, so if you can balance it up with this business, you will be making money because the business is a money maker itself, a cloth maybe #500/#700, and if you can be giving 10 clothes to wash from different people, you can see how profits it is. You can just invest into it by getting a washing machine with an affordable price, and you will smile at last when you see some millions in your account.

6.  Coaching Class Business

You can start a coaching class at a very affordable price, You know all schools has been locked down due to this pandemic disease, you can just start a coaching class business and when everything is back to normal, you can start school business. School business has no rival among it's mate and and also, school business in any level is a serious business in Nigeria that generate millions of naira but before you start school business, start with a coaching class first so that you can  gather more pupils before their resumption.

7.  Tomatoes Farming Business

This business is rewarding and at the same time not expensive to start up. So, before you can start tomatoes business in Nigeria, you will need to find out what type of tomatoes are in demand and the information can be gotten from those who supply seed, so that they can be able to inform you better on popular demand. Also they will let you know the varieties that are patronized best. You will also need to ensure that the seeds you finally pick will grow well. You can start this business on a small portion of loamy land or if yu have small small at the backyard of your house, you can easily start up the business and fetch more money.

8. Plantain Chips Making And Sales.

Plantain chips is very common everywhere, you have seen it everywhere, it is delicious crunchy snacks made from unripe plantain. Hawkers sell them along the highway, you may not realise how lucrative it is. Plantain chips is a business ideas in Nigeria with low capital, you can start it right from your kitchen, just place your brand name on the transparent nylon and you are good to go. You will need some coaching from someone doing the business or you may even watch it on YouTube for better understanding, learn some recipes you will need to know and the finished products. When you learn this, you are free to go in your business, you can supply it to different places like market, schools, restaurants etc.

9.  Liquid Soap Production

Liquid soap business is one of lucrative business that you can start with low capital, the market for liquid soap in Nigeria is so large and then every household in the country needs this product most for hand washing, there will always be a demand for it. You just have to be the one supplying. You may have to acquire some training that is available at vocational center or you may even watch it on YouTube and once you get the production, you are free to go. You can make so much money producing liquid soap and selling to supermarkets and other shops in retails, am very sure that you will smile to the bank when you start up this profitable business.

10.  Daycare Business

You can start this business with a low capital or even no capital, there will always be the need to make a living even after giving birth. This is one of the reasons why daycare center make good money. The services they render are second to none indispensable. If you have a penchant for both babies and kids, then you can consider starting up a daycare center. 

So with all these businesses, I hope you will be able to pick one or two businesses here and start it with a low capital, am very sure that if you start one or two businesses, you are going to smile to the bank at last.

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