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SHARPEST FORMULA 101 (Football Betting Strategies eBook)

100% Strategies to Beat the Bookies after betting collected all your hard earned money.

I am SHARPEST, the founder of SHARPEST NATION.
I wrote this book called SHARPEST FORMULA 101 in order to help all soccer punters and tipsters around the world to win back all the money they have lost to betting.

I started betting since 2011, and my aims and objective is to become a successful soccer tipster. So, that's why I venture into betting and spend 24hrs online everyday searching for betting tutorials, techs, tips and strategies.

I made a long-run research everyday on different soccer prediction sites to learn the pattern and system that everyone of them use to made their predictions because my aims is to become an expert soccer tipster and I want to make a living through betting.

After learning lots of patterns then I start playing bets and as time goes on I keeps on improving everyday with my betting statics and skills. So after many years, I see myself as an expert soccer predictor because I predict and win every week. This give me courage to open my own Football Prediction Site and named it Wapjotter.com.

I started predicting games for thousands of punters that visit my website and due to the perfect selections and accurate games I always give out, many users normally contact me to give their feedbacks.

In 2019, I made a Google search and I notice that lots of people are looking for betting tutorials and solutions, that's why I sit down and think of creating this book which took me lots of months to gather all my betting techniques and algorithms with patterns together in order to create 101 FORMULAs.

I can called myself: Betting Proffesor, because I derived all the formula inside this book myself. I think like a robot to know exactly the secrets behind betting that bookies don't want us to know.

If you study this book very well with keen-interest, you have 100% guarantee of winning all yours bets.

All formula in this book is derived and originated by SHARPEST TIPS, the unbeatable tipster, which you can never find the contents inside this book at anywhere on the internet. This ebook contains 100% Strategies to beat the bookies. Once you buy this book, you will learn how to win everyday on your own and you will also be added to our group for daily trading. You will be getting 2odds, 5odds and 100+ odds daily. This ebook is 3 IN 1 - it works for SOCCER + VIRTUAL + CASINOS.

Preview of the Book

Those are few contents from the book so you can see that it is auto-dynamic material you want to buy. Order for a copy today and join the winning team of successful soccer punters that are making money everyday through betting.

SHARPEST FORMULA 101 is #5000 naira only.
You will download the PDF file after payment.
You will be added to our WhatsApp group.
You will be getting daily tips & tutorials.
Convert #5000 naira to your Currency.
Tested & Trusted by thousands.
24/7 Support & Assistance.
[email protected].

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  1. I want to get the eBook so as to win and make a daily income for myself, pls how will I get the eBook, I need a response soon

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  3. Please I the ebook, how will I gets it and also how will I get the sure odds you have already analyzed

    1. Pls message us on WhatsApp with the number above.

    2. Pls message us on WhatsApp with the number above.

  4. Pls I am in Ghana and I need the Sharpest Formula 101 e-book

  5. how can i get the sharpest formular 101 vfl mentor 2&3 ebook

  6. Are we to purchase the book?
    It requires money?

  7. How do I get the formula 101 PDF

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  11. Please how do I get Sharpest Formula 101 pdf book

  12. Look… This guy is real and hundred percent legit
    I was afraid to pay but immediately I paid and he confirmed it, he just gave the ebook to me once

    I’ll tell all my friends