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8 Top Tips on Sports Betting for Novice (Beginners)

When it comes to sports betting, there are a bunch of methods people use just to win a set of predicted games. If you are the type that play sports betting without any idea of how the outcome will be, that means you came from Dangote family and you are ready to waste money.

Lol! It's possible to win thousands of naira from sports betting, infact millions of naira but what you need to know is that if you are playing sports betting you need to apply your initiative to it and do it properly. 

 A lot of Nigerians got their financial breakthrough from sports betting while some have risked a whole lot of money from it.
Those who win a significant amount from sports betting apply their initiative and they know what they do while those who risk don't know what they are doing and they don't care to know.
They are just risking their money. If you find your self in this category I will urge you to read this tips I've gathered in this article.

Below are the tips on how to play sport betting, most especially for greenhorns 

 (1). Comprehend the bets 
 It's not about selecting games that will win and those that will eradicate your tickets. It's about you comprehending the bets.
They are varied types of sports betting varying from double chance, straight winning, under 2.5, over 2.5 and many more. 

 (2). Record your betting
If you want to be a successful sports bet player, I will suggest you record your bets so you can realize your mistakes.
If you meet a successful sports bet player, they will tell you they keep records of every game they book. You can also do the same so you can realize your mistakes.

 (3). Go for the right sports books online
A lot of people think sport betting books are extensive but they are not. If you want to get favorable results, you will have to look for football games or any sport with an enormous market and a lot of betting options.
And also look for the best sportsbooks with a sufficient reputation. 

 (4). Win insignificant amount invariably
If you are fond of targeting millions of money or thousands of naira in sports betting, you are frittering your time, because you will always be dissatisfied if you have this habit. I will suggest you target a small amount also. 

 (5). Use exceptional money for betting
A lot of people spend all their money on betting or even loan money to play betting. Some folks even steal because of betting, but you really don't need this.
If you continue to have this mentality, you will so much lack behind. If you don't want to go through depression playing sports betting, you need to play it with exceptional cash, not all the money on you. 
Let's assume your salary is just #70,000 you can reserve #5000 or #6000 monthly to play betting for just that month, depending on the way you play your bets.
This strategy is very helpful rather than spending all the money you have or steel to play betting. 

 (6). Invest in prediction sites 
There are tons of prediction sites on the internet. Free and paid, these websites will give you assurance of how you will win if you follow what they post on their website. Some of these prediction websites are fake, while some are real. if you want to make use of any go for the one with positive reviews on the internet. 

(7). Know everything about soccer 
 You might be thinking you are a football freak, but to be sincere you don't know much about football. You only have ideas about football. If you know about football, then you know about the African cup of nations, Champions league, European league, FIFA world cup and many more. It advisable to study all these before you jump into sports betting in the country 

 (8). Bet in your right state of mind
Don't ever bet when you are drunk or when you have taken drugs. It destroys games a lot. A lot of Nigerian youths book games when they are drunk. If you really want to win sports betting, book your games with your clear mind.

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