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10 Secrets On How To Score High In 2020/2021 Post Utme Examination

10 Tips On How To Score High In This Year 2020  Post Utme Examination

There are some 10 secrets you need to know on how to score extremely high in this year 2020 Post Utme Examination after you have checked your jamb examination performance, and your score was high which means that you scored above cut off marks, the next question is how to pass your Post Utme score.

Most Nigeria Universities sets their institution's Post Utme from past questions and answers. These Universities prefers and admit students who score higher in their Post Utme than a student who scored higher in JAMB. This post will give you some secrets on how to pass your Post Utme exam with ease.

Although there are speculations that there won't be Post Utme this year, there are still high chances that most schools will still write Post Utme this 2020/2021 session. 

This page is important to every aspirant because even if your school don't write Post Utme, then what you get from this page will be useful in your year one. If however, your school writes Post Utme then with the help of this page and God, you will score extremely high in your Post Utme.

So without wasting much of time, let's quickly discuss the 10 secrets you need to know to score high in your Post Utme Examination.

1.  Get Past Questions Of Your Chosen Institution:

This will give you a hint of how their questions are structured and if you are smart enough, you will know which questions occur frequently. Any question you see that occur frequently should be treated and mastered.

It is also important to get some past questions in order to score extremely high in the means of preparing for your Post Utme examination and it is very important you try as much as possible to lay your hands on those past questions (at least 5 years back) institutions often repeat questions in examinations like Post Utme. Practicing with past questions is very helpful to students, not only with it give you an idea of what the examination is like but you will also know the answer to the question in case it is repeated on the examination and that is bonus mark for you. 

2.  Read Consistency:

Read as much as you can and read to understand. This help students a long way, even after your Post Utme and you get admitted, you will still need to keep the habit of reading to hey good grades.

3.  Understand The Examination:

This is very important, it is the one of the reasons why candidates don't perform well in examinations is because they don't know what the exam is like, it is important you have an idea of what the examination is like, you should know the nature of the exam i.e if the exam is computer based or paper and pencil, how the school sets their exam questions etc. Establishing this will give you a head start to scoring high in your post Utme.

4.  Go Through Utme Past Questions:

Majority of the Universities or Polytechnics may not have the time to set new questions and all they do is to pick questions from past Utme questions. It is now required of you to treat all Utme past questions for you to pass Post Utme successfully.

5.  Time Management:

Students should also practice time management, this is very essential. You are not given the whole day to answer your Post Utme questions, in fact, you are given a very limited time, So learn how to utilize this time to your own benefit is a very good skill.

6.  Go Through Recommended Textbooks:

This is needed for you to understand some questions you might be having difficulty to answer. Once you are able to understand it, it has become part of you.

7.  Have A Relatively Good O/level Result:

Sometimes, some institutions might decide to have a screening exercise base on your O/level and Utme score. It may be graded 50/50, 60/40, 40/60 respectively for O/level and Utme score. If your O/level result isn't too good, it will affect your overall grade.

8.  Stay Relaxed and Focused:

You should find a place close to the venue that you can sleep over before the day of the exam. You should avoid travelling down to the venue on that very day. Travelling to the venue on that day will increase your tension and affect your performance. Focus on what you have read and pray to God, relax your brain in order to defeat tension so that you can perform excellently.

9.  Be Confident And Believe In Your Ability To Excel: 

Many people have written the test and passed very well, so don't allow fear to steal away your chance of gaining admission. Study hard by crossing the t's and dotting the I's, this is your chance to gain admission into your desired institution and study your chosen course.

10. Get The Master Key Which Is PRAYER:

Prayer is the master key to all problems and it is also a solution to every problems, so before you start your exam, you have to commit both the beginning and the end to God's hands, he knows in and out of humans problem, tell God to give you knowledge, wisdom and understanding from above to battle the Post Utme Exams with flying colours, I know he answers prayer, once you put God in it, he will suprise you excellently... Put him in first..


Any of the past questions can be use to prepare for the screening test with your Utme past questions. I wish you the best in your screening exercise.

These are the very good tips that helps a lot of students to pass their post Utme Examination with flying colours... I wish you a best of luck in advance....

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