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Preparation of fruit salad

Ingredients of fruit salad.

1can of large cocktail,

1 cup fresh strawberries cleaned and cut in half lengthwise,

1cup blue berries cleaned,

3pieceskiwi cleaned and sliced into bite size pieces,

³/⁴ cups natta de Coco,

14 ounce condensed milk,

8 ounce table/medium cream or all purpose cream.

How to prepare fruit salad.

Drain the juice from the fruit cocktail and transfer the canned fruit in a bowl.

Combine the fruit cocktail strawberries, blueberries,kiwi,and natta de coco then toss lightly,

Add the condensed milk then mix lightly.Be extra careful so that the fruit will remain intact.

Add the table cream/ medium cream then mix again.make sure that the cream is properly distributed amongst the fruit ,

Refrigerate for at least 3hours,

Serve chilled and enjoy.

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