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How to make Nigerian shawarma.

 Ingredients for Nigerian shawarma.

This makes about 6+ large shawarma wraps.

2Chicken breast (de boned/boneless),

2Chicken thighs(A.K.A chicken laps)

6+ shawarma bread (either pita bread/flour tortilla wraps),

1small sized cabbage(cut into thin strips)

3medium sized carrot(grated or cut into thin strips)

1large cucumber (cut into thin strips & circle)

2big tomatoes (cut into thin strips)


1table teaspoon of vegetable /olive oil for stir frying.

              For the marinade.

 1 teaspoon thyme,

 2 teaspoon curry(use ducros brand),

 1teaspoon onion powder/teaspoon minced garlic,

 1 teaspoon onion powder/2teaspoon minced garlic.

 1 large chicken stock cube/bouillon cube(crushed into powder).

 Half a teaspoon black pepper.

 Chill pepper to taste.

 Salt to taste(optional because the stock cube already contains salt).

1tablespoon vegetable/olive oil.

Preparation of how to make your home made shawarma.

1) Wash and cut the vegetable into thin strip and set aside.

    Tip:I always recommend using a combination of chicken  and breast because the fat from the thighs add extra flavour and compliment the taste of the chicken breast.

2)place the chicken strips into a bowl,add the marinade and mix thoroughly until well incorporated.Then cover and store in the fridge for 2to24 hours(depending on how much you have the time).

   Tips: The longer the meat marinades the better the taste.

3)In a pan heat up a teaspoonful of oil.Add the marinated Chicken/beef and stir, fry until juicy and brown.scoop unto a plate and set aside.

4) Mix some mayonnaise and ketch up together (mayor ketch spread) place a shawarma bread on a clean and flat surface and cut into two equal sizes (that's if you are using a large pita bread).

    But if you are using a very flat bread or tortilla wraps simply spread the mayor ketch on it and then fill it with the sliced vegetables on one end and sprinkle some chill pepper(optional).

5) Then fold the bread,tuck in the edge and roll to form a shawarma wrap yummy.

   Tip: if you want to warm it up a bit, place on heat pan for 3minutes (the close edge facing the pan)if you have a microwave or sandwich maker feel free to use them too.

6) Your homemade shawarma is ready enjoy.

 Quick note: There are several bread to make shawarma which includes, flour tortilla wraps and lots more.you can also use our local bread I mean agege bread.


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