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How to make chin chin

Complete preparation on how to make chin chin.

Ingredients of chin chin.

8cups(1kg)plain flour(all purpose flour),
1tin peak milk,
250g magarine,
1/2cup granulted sugar,
2tea spoonful ground nutmeg,
2egg (optional)
Some water, only if necessary.

Directions on how to make it.
1)shift the flour in a big enough bowl
2)Add granulted sugar and ground nutmeg.
3)Add the magarine in small scopes.then rub it into flour till u get a good mix that feel like crumbs.
4)Break egg and add them and mix with content of a bowl.
5) Add the peak milk mix with a spatula then knead by hand till a ball of dough is formed.it may feel dry during the mixing but do not be tempted to add more liquid because the liquid u have in the bowl should be enough.you just need a bit of arm powder to mix it.but if you really really can't get it to form a dough add a tiny quantity of water bit by bit till the dough is formed.
6)When done cover the dough to rest for about 15 minutes.
7)After fifteen minutes you will notice that the dough is softer knead very well.
8)Roll out some bit of dough and cut with a knife.do not use flour to dust Nigeria chin chin because this cause the oil to foam during frying,if you mixed the chin chin very well there will be no need for dusting while cutting the chin chin.
9)pour a generous quantity of vegetable oil into a deep pot and set your stove to high heat.chin chin fried best on high heat.
10)As the oil heat up test the temperature with one piece of chin chin.it should sizzle and come up to the surface almost immediately.
11) Once you confirm that the oil is hot enough gently collect some chin chin, from the side of the mound of diced raw chin chin with both hands and throw it into the hot oil do not over crowd them.
12)start stirring with a metallic spoon till all the chin chin come apart.
13)After that keep stirring at intervals till all the chin chin browns to your liking.
14) when fried scoop into a sheive linked with a paper towel.
15) After some minutes spread them on a cold hard surfaced lined with newspaper so they can cool down completely.
16)when completely cooled store in a container.

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