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How to Start a Betting Shop in Nigeria, Bet9ja Agent Business

How to Start a bet9ja shop in Nigeria, All you need to know before Becoming an Admin

Have you wanted to become a bet9ja agent in Nigeria? If yes. Then this content is meant for you. I will be talking about all you need to know about bet9ja agency in Nigeria. before I talk about the requirement and the cost for launching a bet9ja shop.
While you are planning to become a bet9ja agent in Nigeria, they are some rules and regulations you need to follow before you decided to venture into the business.

If you want to know the rules and regulations, you need to contact them by your self for better clarification.
If you want to venture into the business, Note that you are allowed to have just one bet9ja shop in your area, you can't have two, and no one else must have a bet9ja shop in that Same street.

How much can I earn as a bet9ja agent?
The amount you will earn as a bet9ja agent is not predictable; you will be paid based on turnovers, which simply means you get paid some percent from any betting slip you print without any risk.

The cost and requirement for venturing into bet9ja business in Nigeria and what it takes to start the business.
These are the cost and requirements for starting a bet9ja shop in Nigeria.

(1). A conducive shop
If you want to become a bet9ja agent in Nigeria, the first step you need to take is to get a favorable shop first. Getting a good shop can cost about #50.000 annually. It all depends on the area. You can spend more than #50.000 in some areas.
What matters most is if you get a shop that will be conducive for people coming in to place a bet. A small shop is sometimes risky because an anonymous person can come in to steal without anybody noticing.

(2). Paint the shop
Once you've gotten the shop and you have paid for it, then it is time to paint it, to make it look awesome. People love flashy things, you know? Moreover, it is advisable to paint the shops light green since it's a bet9ja shop so that it will be recognized quickly.

(3). Get a good cashier counter
Once your shop is set, it is time to get a good cashier counter; you can get them by hiring a good carpenter to do the job for you. I will advise you to get a desk that will contain about four cashiers; you can get that for about#60.0000, depending on the size.

(4). Monitors and laptops
Without a monitor or a laptop, there is no way you can run a bet9ja shop. monitors and a laptops are what will do the job for you. You can get a good laptop for about #40.000 while a desktop could cost about #10,000.

(5). Generator
A generator is essential; you will need one why because the light is always taken unawares. You can get a good generator for #25,000, but I won't advise you to buy a tiger generator because it will give you a lot of problem.

(6). Wi-Fi modem 3G and 4G
Once you have laptops and desktops then it is time to get an internet connection, you will have to budget at least #30.000 for that.

(7). A printer
A printer is needed for printing out every sporting event your customers placed a bet on. A good printers cost about #7000 to 20,000, depending on the type you want to go for.

(8). Registration
After setting up your bet9ja shop, then the last thing to do is pay for registration to the bet9ja company, the registration fee is also known as an initial deposit. The initial deposit is just #50,000, and it will be credited to your bet9ja agent account.

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