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5 Factors That Makes You Lose When Playing Virtual Football

Solution to the 5 Factors that makes you lose everyday when playing Virtual Football League

1st Factor
The first factor is Emotions.
Emotions makes you play all games.
You must firstly delete emotions if you want to play and win.
Emotions is your enemy when you want to play vfl, make sure you delete it first immediately you login.
Emotions will tell you that MNC will beat BOU that you should play the game and you will also play it.
It will keeps pushing you till bet9ja collected all your money.
When your money finished, you will now realized that MNC can't beat BOU.
Virtual is not running if one season ends another season will start so why rushing yourself.
Put this in your mind, no magic behind it.

2nd Factor
Now, let's take Staking Plan.
If you have #1000 capital in your betting account, your staking plan will be #100.
The best is to have #5000 so your staking plan can be #500.
No matter any amount you win, you must not increase or reduce your stake.
If you increase because you have loose, you will probably loose everything.
If you increase because you have win some money, you will probably loose all back with your capital.
Now, it remains 3 factors to delete.
Don't forget this five factors that makes you lose.

3rd Factor
The third factor is Patient.
Patient and emotion works together, so if you don't have patient, emotions will be pushing you into virtual trap and bet9ja will smack you down.
Learn how to have patient, virtual is going no where.
Don't think about your data, this is money business.
Once is delete patient, it will remains 2 factors.

4th Factor
The fourth factor is Reading Insight.
What meant by reading insight is to read and understand all the cornerstone pages inside SHARPEST FORMULA 101 (ebook) PDF without overlapping any sentence.
Know all the *dos and don'ts*.
If the PDF say subtract don't divide.
Try to translates what you learn inside the PDF to what you can understand - this means you should create your own strategy with what you learn.
Take your pen and jotter to summarized the whole PDF to something small you can understand and you will see it wouldn't convinced you again.
MATRIX also represent *trading with odds* but with further Ado.
It remains one factor which is the last factors affecting everyone that lose everyday.

5th factor
The fifth factor is Lack of Strategy.
Many of us lack strategy even 80% of all punters and gamblers doesn't have any strategy he or she based on.
You have to base on one FORMULA.
You can base on either GG or 2.5 or 1.5 or TRIO or EDGE or PERIOD.
don't turn yourself to VFL (olosho) Bitches.
You must focus on only one Pattern and if you have our 2 PDFs, it will helps you to choose one out of 101 formulas.
If you want to focus on GG based on it and don't be playing GG and 2.5 and 1.5 so you can concentrate on your GG.
If 2.5 is your target, focus on only 2.5 and read your analysis thoroughly.
When you are becoming expert then you can move to TRIO or EDGE or PERIOD or PRIME and others.
Start from level 1, the new PDF has explained everything with full explanation and well draw diagram.
Focus on one Pattern as a beginner and read with insight - keen interest.
This is money business, you must do the analysis thoroughly.
That's all.
The 5 factors that makes you lose everyday.

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