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Six Companies that will give you Free Giftcards

Six companies that Will give you free Giftcards

Giftcard is now a trend in every part of the world. You can use Gift card to purchase anything without using a paycheck. If you are looking for how to get Giftcard codes, they are somethings you can do to earn free Giftcards online.

If you've been looking for easy ways for making some money online, this is the best method because you are not going to go through any stress. All you just need is a smartphone and internet connection.
In this content, I will be talking about some companies that will pay you to perform simple task.

These companies have paid lots members so far. If you want to earn free Giftcards, go through these platforms, I've just listed below.

This content might be of great help to you.
However, these platforms will give you Giftcards for performing a task that won't take you less than 3 minutes to finish up; these tasks are quite simple and exciting. If you are the type that is fond of pressing your smartphone without any benefits, I think it's high time you start making some money with your smartphone or laptop right away.

Here are the list of companies that will give you free Giftcards

(1) Ipsos I say
The platform gives you free Giftcards by performing a few tasks, like answering simple questions. You can also be paid to test products.
One other thing you need to know about this site is that you will be given a bonus for taking surveys.
 You can earn 600 points for taking a survey which can be converted to $15 Giftcards.
Apart from taking surveys, you can get paid for participating in a contest; you will be giving a free entry whenever you perform a task on this platform. If you are looking for how to earn free Giftcards, Ipsos is a perfect platform for that.

(2) Prizerebel
Prizerebel is a fantastic platform that pays its members to play games, watch ads, take surveys and also to test products.
One thing you need to know about prizerebel is that you can cash out a Giftcards of just $2 and that Is the cheapest you can ever get among the companies I will be listing in this article. Prizerebel is one of the best platforms. You can try it, if you want to earn free Giftcards.

(3) Life points
Lifepoint has been in existence since 1946 according to my research; I'm surprised they still exist in 2019. Lifepoint has almost 5 million users, and they have paid a lot of members Giftcards.
You can join life point through the smartphone app, or you join them with the desktop app. The platform is available in different countries.
You can answer different questions like questions about a movie you've watched,or questions about past events you attended. You can also be paid to test product the site is fascinating; you won't get bored while using thesite. You will be rewarded with Giftcards for every question you answer on your platform.

(4) Ipoll
Ipoll is an excellent platform; you will be paid up to $5 for every single survey you answer, you also earn $5 Giftcards when you have just created an account on the platform. It is possible to earn up to $10 Amazon gift cards for a single survey.

(5) Nice quest
Nice quest is another website that will pay you to answer any survey. You get paid in Giftcards once you have accumulated enough points.

(6) Cashcrate
Cashcrate is another website that pays it's members to participating in different activities like playing games, taking surveys, and also to complete offers. Cash crate will also pay to refer others to the platform. The site is exciting and easy to use, you can give it a try.

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