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6 Websites that Pays Poetry Writers

List of websites that will pay you to write poetry

Do you know it is possible to write poetry online and you get paid for it? You might be wondering how on earth is that possible, but it is.
Some websites will pay you in dollars to write poetry. If writing poetry is your hubby, I will disclose to you some sites that will pay you for your written poetry. 

If you have a book where you wrote Poetry, why not consider making some money out of it. If you want to start writing poetry for these website, they aresomething's you need to know first before you start.

The first thing you need to know is that most of the sites accept poetry that has been written and published before in other places. If eventually, your non-published poetry got approved, it will be stated on the site's dashboard. And also it's going to take some time before your poetry gets accepted or rejected.

You might be able to make a fortune from poetry writing, but if you are looking forward to making some substantial amount of money on the internet, I won't advise you to go into poetry writing, it's not among the best way to make money online.
You can make some couple of dollars through poetry writing.
I have heard of some people earning six figures through poetry writing, but I don't know how true it is.
In this article, i will be listing some websites that will pay you to write poetry, take your time to go through these websites.

Here is the list of websites that will pay you to write poetry

(1) The boulevard
The boulevard is a popular magazine that will pay you for every poetry you send to them, including unsolicited ones. You can send them unpublished poetry; you can send them up to 5 poetry and make sure the poetry contain 200 lines. The website pays $25 per poetry; you can earn up to $50 per approved Poetry. Depending on how good your poetry is. You can give them a try.

(2) Chicken soup of the soul
Chicken soup of the soul is an online magazine which they pay writers for every approved Poetry. The company is looking for talented poetry writers that will help them work on their project. 
The site is awesome, and they want exciting, heartwarming stories written in poetry form.
The site pays up to $200 for every approved poetry. You can give this site a try, and you will never regret using it. Because they are very reliable.

(3) Epoch
Epoch magazine is also a popular Website that pays people to write poetry; the site was launched in the English department of Cornell University. 
The site approves every form of poetry. But you are going to limit Everysubmission to 5 poems in each envelope. Epoch pays $50 for every accepted poetry.
You can try this site; it is perfect for poetry writers.

(4) The Southern review
The southern review is an excellent online magazine that accepts unpublished poetry. 
Once your poetry is approved, it will be published straight away in the southern review magazine. They want Every poetry sent to them to be 5 in number, and each poetry must be 15 lines each. You get paid $25 for every approved Poetry. You can earn up to $200 on this site.

(5) AGNI
AGNI is a well-known literature magazine that also Has online version. 
The site pays $20 for every approved Poetry, but one other thing you need to know is that the sites pay more when they get a donation or grant. They accept a maximum of 15 poetry for submission.

(6) Orion magazine
The Orion magazine is perfect for poetry Writers; they accept poetry on Nature, culture, and many more. They also want Every poetry to be in 40 lines, and the submission should be 1 to 3 poetry at once. 
Orion magazine pays $100 for every approved poetry. You can give the site a try.

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