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Latest MTN Free Data Cheat For YouTube Plan (Unlimited)

Watch YouTube till you tired with this "MTN Data Cheat 2019" and "YouTube Video Pack"

This is another banger for all MTN line users, this Network brought another offers to all their subscribers in order to watch as much YouTube videos they can watch everyday and every nights.

MTN offer Day Pack and Night Pack for watching YouTube videos and Startime videos.
This free browsing cheat by Mtn can be used to stream unlimited videos everyday for a whole week.

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2. MTN YouTube Plan 2019

3. MTN Free Browsing Cheat 2019

4. MTN YouTube Pack Activation Code

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6. Cheat To Watch YouTube Videos For Free

It is very simple to activate this "MTN Data Cheat for YouTube Plan" and you will be able to stream unlimited videos and also be able to search for many videos you want to watch.

How to Activate MTN YouTube Plan Cheat?

MTN YouTube Plan Pack Activation Code

To activate this MTN Data Cheat for YouTube Plan
Dial *131*8#.
Once the activation screen pops up, "Type 1" inside the box provided as seen in the image below.
Now, "Type 4" or any option you want from the display screen as seen in the image below.
Now, it will brings a screen to confirm your subscription on the "Data Pack" you choose.
So, now "Press 1" to confirm your activation as seen in the image below.
Now, it will pop up another screen showing "you have successfully activated MTN YouTube Night Pack or Day Pack", due to the option you choose.

Notes: It is Not totally free, which means you will pay a Token amount of money to activate this MTN YouTube Pack.

#50 to get 500mb (from 12am to 6am).
#150 to stream unlimited videos for 1hour.
#400 to stream unlimited videos for 3hours.
#200 to get 2GB which is valid for 1week.

To check balance

Dial *131*8#
Then "Press 1"
Then "Press 5" which is check balance.

That's all, on how to activate Mtn YouTube Plan Cheat 2019/2020 for January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December.

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