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How to Make Money Quickly as a Photographer in Nigeria

Fastest Ways and Tips to Make big (huge) Money Quickly as a  photographer in Nigeria

Do you want to go into photography but you don't have enough capital? Do you have a camera and you want to know how you can make some money with it every Month?
In this article, I'm going to put you through on how you can make some money in Nigeria as a photographer that's if you already have a camera, but if you don't have, Then you will need to get one.
Back in those days getting a camera was a bit difficult,but now,even those that are not into photography have cameras.
You can make a lot of money with your camera.

If you are very smart and creative, your digital camera might end up being your only source of income. It's takes a little while before you can be very good at taking pictures. But the more you snap the more you get better.

Taking pictures is one of my hobby it makes me see invisible things and there is usually a story behind every picture I take. If you want to take nice picture and earn a leaving from it,they are something's you need to consider.

(I) Your creativity

(ii) Imagination

(iii) And the way you practice

If you don't take note of these 3 things, making money as I photographer might be a very hard task for you.

The more you practice Photography,the more you get better in photography. Practice makes perfect. All you have to do is to just go out and start snapping people or the things you see around you. 

Take pictures of things that interest you or inspires you.
For instance; buildings, household items, crafts, animals, estate properties and many more.
If you do this constantly,you will become a professional as time goes on.

The key to become a successful photographer is by taking a bunch of pictures everyday. Back In my secondary school days, i take up to 200 pictures every day, some of my pictures were cool and some were not to good. But because of my consistency I become a professional.

If you read this content you will know how to begin your photography career. This content is more of like a guide for those who are aspiring to be a photographer.

Here are the 5 best ways to be a
successful photographer in Nigeria

(1) Take pictures of animals constantly

If you love animals you capable of snapping them regularly. You Can you sell the pictures to magazines coompanies. You can snap different animals ranging from birds, tigers, lions, chicken, monkeys and Many more.
But you make sure there is always a story behind the pictures you take.
I met a guy called Mark Lawrenson, he is from Ireland. He told me he snaps birds alone and he makes nothing less than $10,000 a month from it.
He also stated that there is usually a story behind all the pictures he takes. You can also do the same if you work towards it.

(2) Take free shots at some point

If you have Just started photography and you are getting better in your shots, I will advice you to take free shots for the main time,and that is what will make people refer others to you. From there,you will gain more recognition.

(3) Run a photography blog

You can own a photography blog and you publish content on any picture you take, weather in a wedding or a concert.
Make sure you put nice pictures and nice write ups, as time goes on, you will start getting your client through your blog. that's if your blog gets a lot of traffic.

(4) Sell your photos online

If you snap lovely pictures, you can decide to sell them online. They are some websites that buys pictures online for instance gettyimage.com and www.todaysphoto.org.

(5) Consult with an auctioneer

You can approach an auctioneer from time to time, you tell them about your skill and you talk to them about how your picture can help them.
They might be interested and they will want to hire you for a job. 
This is another way of making money as a photographer.

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