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How to deposit money on betway account

Betway is one of the many betting company we have here in Nigeria. Depositing  on betway is very easy provided you follow these easy steps I'm going to be showing you.

The steps are as follows

1 Login to their website or the app
The first thing you have to have to do is login to their website click first on menu after click on deposit .

2 select your card

After clicking on deposit it will bring you to this page and you will select your card pay with a new card after click on deposit.

3 choose amount
Select the amount you want to deposit then click on procced.

4 Enter you card details

After you have to enter your card details and click on next.

5. Enter  op 
An otp will be sent to the number  and email you used to register enter the otp sent and click on proceed .

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