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Gotv free subscription cheat code 2019/2020

Gotv is like a subordinate of dstv not even like a subordinate it is a subordinate of dstv as most of the channels on dstv is on gotv.
      The producers of dstv produced  gotv so that people who can't buy dstv can buy the gotv and enjoy most of the services on dstv on their gotv.
         Many people have been saying that you there is a free subscription cheat code or you have been hearing there is a free subscription cheat code.
        Yes it is true there is a free subscription cheat code so in this article I'm going to be putting you through  how to watch your gotv for free without subscription. Its quite very easy you are going to employ the use of a software to scramble the channels and you get to watch all the channels for free with the help of your gotv ICU number and your smartphone all these can be done  and you will be enjoying all the channels for free so all you have to do is read the below carefully.

So the steps for activating all the channels on your gotv for free are as follow.
The things you need are 1. Your gotv ICU number 2.your mobile phone 3.A stable data connection.

Now let's go into the real business this can get tricky so be careful.

Go to any browser on your phone  and search vcv pro app this is the app that you will use to scramble the channels so after searching for the app and you have found it click in the website and after entering the website download the app.

After you have finished downloading the app then what is next is to open the app open the app and register.

When registering experts advice is not use a Nigerian name maybe it does not work for Nigeria can't really say for sure so pick a new name probably an English name then you can now select your region be careful when choosing your region too so after choosing your region what is next is to select your decoder type.

So you have to select your decoder type if it is gotv,dstv, mytv or any other cable TV select your cable TV and in this situation we are going for gotv so select gotv then what is next is to input your decoder ICU number.

There is a ICU number for every decoder do check the back of your gotv decoder for your own decoder ICU number then after checking the ICU number then you have to input it then you click on connect now.

 Thats  it ,its as simple as that but be Careful when doing it and follow the due process so that you won't  mix up the process together so it will not fail its valid for a  Month don't be sad you can be enjoying it every time all you just have to do is repeat the same  process every time it finishes to re scramble the channels again so now you know the durability is just a month so you won't be shocked when it finish.

Thats the free subscription cheat code for your gotv its quite easy as seen in the above posts so just read carefully so you can get it I mean the steps just follow the due  steps don't jump any steps and be careful happy viewing.

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  1. the app is a zip file and is encrypted. share the password please

    1. How does the app looks like I don't even see it at all

  2. Please share the rar file password for us to be able to unzip it

  3. The password please