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5 Reasons why punters always lose bets and solution to it

The 5 main do’s and dont’s of successful betting for all punters and tipsters that forecast football games 

This is the 5 reasons why every football punters and bettors lose their hard earned money to the bookies and we have provide solution to it. So we have looked at some of the main do’s for sports betting, namely the need to express control and patience and not betting with emotions.

You never want to bet in anger, for example; just because a wager has lost.
Let’s sum up the top five in each category.

The Top 5 Do’s of Betting 
1. Always exert self-control and patience
2. Take time to formulate a betting plan
3. Research and understand the sport/league you are betting on 
4. Do make a betting fund and don’t go over it no matter what happens
5. Take betting seriously, not for fun (there’s money involved).

The Top 5 Dont’s of Betting
1. Don’t increase the stake of your next bet after a win
2. Don’t panic bet in trying to make amends for a losing bet 
3. Don’t deviate from a betting plan
4. Don’t bet emotionally
5. NEVER bet more than what you can afford to lose.

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