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How much commission do bet9ja agents earn per week and monthly

 Bet9ja has been around for a while now and it has been helping many people now it serves as a source of employment mostly in every town there are more than 5 bet9ja shops that is shops where bets are being played.
You can watch football matches  and all so there is an agent that manages these shops the agent is employed by bet9ja and you will be earning from bet9ja and you get commissions on everybody that plays everyday.
All you have to do apply and fill in some documents I'm going to be teaching you step by step on how to become a bet9ja agent.
So if you want to know how much commissions bet9ja agents earn.
This is the post for you read very carefully because it is explained below.

1. Every bet placed

As an agent for every bet placed in your shop you earn a commission on every one of them so that's why its adviceable for you to move your shop to an open place.
A place where there are many people where you know that many people will patronise you. So that every day you earn a commission on everyone that plays.
You get paid every week for every ticket placed up to 20%.

2. Technical support for setting up equipment

As a bet9ja agent you will be provided with free  technical support to set up  equipments for your shop that is the computers the printers and the rest and you will be put through on how you will be booking bets and printing bets.

3. Zero risk

There is zero risk in this job you will be making good money from this job as long as you are making sales.
It doesn't mean if the games win or loose that's the zero risk and from there you will be making your money as long as you are making sales.
So place that in your mind and be rest assured you will still be making your money.

4. Commission on your turnover

Bet9ja will also give you commission on your turnover over that is the amount of sales you make.
Bet9ja will give you a commission on the sales you make so don't be worried. Work hard really hard for you to be able to make more sales because the higher your turnover the higher your commission will be.

5. Free training

You will be given free training you and your staff on how to setup your place on how to operate the computers and be able to print tickets every
Damn thing you need to know you will be taught because bet9ja officials will be sent to you for free to help you out and the total revenue gotten by your bet shop there will be a percentage you will earn.
It might be 10% or 20% which could be translated to millions or below it all depends on the amount of your total revenue.

6. Sports games and selection

As a bet9ja agent you earn commissions on every sports games placed in your shop up to 10% or 20% above and per selection too.
You have a commission too so imagine if a person make just a selection in a game you will not get much commission but if like 50 people patronize your shop and like 15 made just only a selection.
The commission will be small but if the rest made up 5 to 8 selections your commission is going to be high too so that's just the simple logic.


How much commission you can earn as a bet9ja agent has been explained above plus you being a bet9ja agent. So read carefully so you can get it remember its also a source of employment and you can be making extra cash with it and you can be living fine cause the amount of the percentage can be 500 thousands or a million or even below.

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