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How to get bet9ja bonus code

How to get bet9ja bonus code 2019, Fast and Quick Way

Bet9ja bonus code is the code bet9ja gives to their customers that is the stakers. The bonus code is used when staking, it is used to increase the amount of money to be won after staking.
So many people want to get it but the bet9ja code is not that easy to get so I'm going to be teaching you how to get bet9ja bonus code. So if you have been looking up and down for how to get bet9ja bonus code to no avail then this is the post for you.
How to get the bet9ja bonus code will be duly explained in the post below so read carefully so you can be able to get the code.

I'm going to be giving you step by step analysis on how to get the bet9ja bonus code

It is mainly given to new customers that is new people registering an account. Bonus up to 100,000 naira if they put in a bonus code.
So if you don't have an account I'm going to be teaching you how to register a new account.
So all you have to do is get a gmail and a phone number so now on to registering an account. 

Open your browser and enter the bet9ja website www.bet9ja.com, let the page load.
N.B: let the names and email filled tally with the ones on your bank account because if it does not tally bet9ja will not pay you when you win and you want to withdraw.

This is the mistake so many people made and they will be wondering why bet9ja didn't pay them so don't make the same mistake.

After the confirmation is sent to your email then confirm your mail then you will asked to fill promotion code then go to bets.co.uk, bet9ja codes are on there.

Pick one and fill it there then you will give the welcome back bonus of up to 100,000 that's on your first deposit  then for the bonus to work you have to make a deposit of at leat 100 naira then stake all on at least 3.00 odds so that you can be able to claim the bonus in your winnings.

Now to the promotional code go to bonuscodes.uk you will find your bonus code there but there are conditions you have to fulfill.

1. The promotional code is only available to a person once and that is during his first deposit after just registering and having input the promotional code that means a new user.

2. You must a deposit of up to 100 naira for the bonus code to work so you do not want to mess that up because it is only available on your first deposit and first bet.

3. You must bet it on up to 3.00 odds, its 3 odds not 2 odds or 1.30 odds. Its specifically stated that its 3 odds so place your first bet on 3 odds and all your 100 deposit and you have to make bet 10 times with up to 100 and 3.odds then you will be able to claim the 100,000 bonus.

How to get the bet9ja bonus code has been explained above so you have to carefully read and get it.
Happy winnings and remember be patient when placing your bets

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