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3 Best Ways To Get Big Money From Your Clients Quickly & Faster

How to Collect Big Money From Clients Who Won't Pay Or Customers That Don't Pay on Time

They used to be a time I had a friend that was into real estate business. She was consulting with me and we both talked from time to time.
She spent close to $500 running facebook ads since the begging of this year. She has been getting a lot of leads but they weren't converting,do you know what I mean by that? People don't bit on her offer.
But the thing is this ,it's not about the offer or the close and the funnel. I am going to state the issue,just take your time and read this article.

What this lady does is to flip houses from lagos,abuja and portaharcout. She buys houses that are old or properties that are not in good condition,she buys them from the owner at a discount price then she furnishes it and makes it look new,after doing that then she sells it out and she makes her own profit. She does this for other people as well.

The main reason why she's runs the ads is because she is looking forward to reach out to investors.
She charges close to 2m upfront and %20 profit. That the commission she gets from every flipped house.

It's a very good business if you know how to run it well,you might also get leads without any subcriber. But I was surprised the buisness wasn't working for this lady,I guess she's wasn't running the ads properly.

Getting a client to pay you big money is quite easy,what matters most is the way you create a good work-balance that will help you meet your income goals. If you want to run this type of business then you have to focus on how you leverage your time and how to maximize it to the fullest,you can accomplish this by simplyincreasing your price.

I will be talking about how to meet the big money client,if you follow this steps then you will know how to meet clients that are willing to pay you more money.
These are the best ways to reach out to the big money client.

(1) Make sure you don't forget about the market
Once you have shown your client proof, make sure you don't forget to have your current market in mind. Always remember that your client can possibly get another contractor that will help them do the job faster,and the jobmight be cheaper than yours. You might be priceless but that doesn't mean your work is also priceless. If you have a skill or you have a product you want to sell, it is easier to measure them because you will have a going rate.
Make sure you set your self apart and also be ready to bring out your own advice and anything else whenever you get a client. You don't have to share the same method with your competitors.

(2) Show your clients your value though your work
Increasing your price is one of the best method for leveraging your time because you will make more profits without spending much hours. What you just need is to make your client agree to the price. And also develop some things in your business if you are increasing your price. For instance you are into website designing formostly e-commerce stores. They are something's you can do to help them increase.

(3) Focus on a particular audience
Promoting your business to the entire world might be a hard task. But if you focus on a particular audience you will be able to grow your business and also make more sales. Let's say you are into graphics designing or you are the graphics designer for a particular company,or you are the attorney. You can promote your skill as the attorney for successful entrepreneurs.
Focussing on a particular audience brings more awareness and it also brings more trust. The moment people start noticing you and you specialize in them. They will believe you are reliable and they will know you are serious. Most especially when you understand their needs.

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