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How to Start a Rice Farming Business in Nigeria, 7 Plan + PDF

How to start a rice farming business in Nigeria

Farming is a lucrative business everyone can start and make profits. Rice is a type of food that people buy and eat every day, if you go for weddings, birthday parties, or ceremonies. They serve people rice. That is why rice farming is a good business. There is a lot of profit in it. Anyone can invest in rice farming and make good sales. 

Rice is one of the most consumed foods in the whole of Africa. And that is why its a very lucrative business. Rice consumption in the country increases continuously. The reason is because it's type of food everyone eats every day. Nigeria consumes almost 5 million tons of rice in a year. But one thing you need to know is this, out of the 5 million 3million are produced by Nigerians while the remaining is mostly imported from other counties. 

Nigerian farmers that produce rice do it primarily for their consumption, but most of the farmers produce local rice. That's the sad part. The reason is because they lack technical skills for rice production. We all know that rice is a type of plant that needs a particular area and atmospheric condition for its growth. Rice can't be planted everywhere. It will not grow or survive. You can only plant rice in some states in Nigeria, and that is where they are mostly produced. 

 List of states where rice can be planted and produced;

 (1) kano state.

(2) Ebonyi state.

(3) kebbi state.

(4) Niger state.

(5) Anambra state.

(6) Ekiti state.

  These are the only states where you can plant rice, out of the 36 states we have in Nigeria However, if you go through this article, you will know how to venture into rice farming in Nigeria. It's a lucrative business Anyone can venture into rice farming and make good profits. Go through these steps below to know how to venture into rice farming. 

 Here are the steps for starting rice farming in Nigeria;

(1). Prepare the land for cultivation

 There is a need for you to develop an area where you will Always plant rice before its season. Always make sure the property is cleared, no weeds or unwanted trees in it. Make sure they are removed so that it will not affect your plants. Rice is usually planted during the dry season. Manure and fertilizer are always added to the soil.

 (2). Pick the right land 

 Rice is a type of crop that requires a particular soil; I will advise you to plant your rice in an environment where rice is usually cultivated traditionally. The soil in these areas mostly has a high relation capacity of water in it. The soil is a mixture of clay and. Loamy. If you plant your rice on sandy soil, you will go through a lot of stress. 

 (3).  Plant timing 

 The time when the rice is being dispersed is significant, and it varies from a different region. Rice is planted between May and June In the northern part of Nigeria. But it is usually planted before May in the south. It is planted around March and April. 

 (4).  Select a good species 

 There are different types of species, and it supreme that a farmer chooses the one he wishes to cultivate. The choice the farmer will determine the result of the rice he planted.

(5). Weeding 

 Weed is a type of plant that is found where it is not wanted. It is paramount for a farmer to terminate any unwanted plant he finds on the farm in other for the rice plant to grow well. 

(6).  Harvesting 

 After the good months, the rice will automatically change color. The color is usually white, but it will turn brown. That's evidence that it is time for the rice to be harvested. Then it is left for the farmer to decide if he wants to sell them to rice mills or he keeps them for individual consumption.

(7). Market the rice

If your farm produces a large quantity of rice, make sure you have a marketing plan for it. You might get someone to help you market it. Rice marketing is very crucial, but if you are producing a small scale, there is a need for you to walk up to wholesalers and reseller in your area. They will help you market the rice. 

 You can try these steps;   they are beneficial...

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