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How to Make Money As a Fashion Blogger on Instagram

How to make money as a fashion blogger on Instagram

It is possible to make money on Instagram. The best way to do that is to focus on a particular niche. If you do that, You are going to make more money. Instagram fashion blogging is a perfect niche; lots of fashion designers are ready to pay you to sponsor a post on your Instagram account. Instagram blogging is a trendy way Americans make some dollars online.

I know of an American lady that makes $20,000 for a single Instagram post. I met her online, and she shared a lot of experience with me. Her Instagram account has close to 2 million followers. You can also get that if you work very hard towards it.

There are other people that make more than that. I read about a woman called Bernstein; she makes "thousands of dollars" every single month with her Instagram account, although she didn't disclose her primary source of income but sometimes in 2014, she revealed how she made a significant amount on her 'Instagram page'. She is just a young lady of 25 she's making a considerable amount. 
What about when she's 30? You can also get there; you just need determination and consistency. 
The advantage about fashion bloggers is that they are going to get "free clothes and accessories" from big brands all for free, while you are also paid to post on your Instagram page.
If you want to make thousands of dollars every month, you must have at least 10 million followers on Instagram. Don't get me wrong, someone with thousands of followers and hundreds of followers can also make money on Instagram.

Here are the steps on how to make money on Instagram as a fashion blogger

(1) Choose a specific niche

If you want to earn a leaving as a fashion blogger, make sure you focus on fashion Aline, you don't add any other niche. Lots of Fashion designer and brands are ready to pay you to post on your Instagram page. 
Some people might want to focus on multiple niches, but that won't favor you. It's better to go for one to have a successful Instagram business.

(2) Work towards getting more followers on your page

If you want to be a successful instagramer the first thing you need to work on is your followers, in fact you will always need traffic in any business you are into.
You need to have lots of followers on your Instagram page, the amount of followers you have determines the amount you charge for a sponsored post.
The best way to get followers is by spending more time on your Instagram page, just the same way you invest your time in your business.
Make sure you post on your Instagram page consistently and also post what people are interested in not irrelevant stuff. Post attractive pictures and videos every time.
That is what will bring a lot of followers within a short period if you want a brand to pay you to post on your Instagram, make sure you have lots of followers.

(3) Get your Instagram followers attention

Getting your Instagram followers attention will help your Instagram page go viral, the more you get attention, the more you gain followers. And that will enable clients troop in. Always make sure your Instagram page receives a lot of attention, that's one of the best ways to be successful Instagramer.

(4) Be available at all time

Make sure you are always available. Once you get as client try to attend to he or she as soon as possible. If you don't attend to a "client" on time, you might lose them, and they might end up going for other Instagrammers.

(5)  Work it with an agent

If your Instagram account has gone very far and has a lot of followers, you will have to get an "agent", and both of you will work together. The agent will bring you the client, and he will get a commission from whatever job you offer to the client. Agent's help a lot, they will help you bring lots of clients in a month.

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