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How To Become A Successful Event Planner In Nigeria

5 Guides To Follow To Become A Successful Event Planner In Nigeria

There is a rapid increase in the number of events that hold every single day in Nigeria.  According to reports, Lagos State alone hosted over 20,000 events monthly in 2015 with expected earnings from these amounting to over 3,000,000,000 dollars annually. On an average 2,000 events happen in Lagos State every week, including in remote locations. This means that there is a very big market for event planners with the rise of events on a daily basis, especially in Lagos.

These events range from music concerts, praise concerts, weddings, seminars, naming ceremony, conferences and so many others. Due to the fact that a lot goes into properly planning for an event, like logistics, publicity, welfare etc many people now prefer to contract all of these different roles to an event planner who will now implement and supervise execution.

I will be sharing 5 easy steps in this article on how to become a successful event planner in Nigeria.. These 5 simple steps will guild you on how to become a successful event planner in Nigeria.

1.  Know your industry and market

This is the very first thing that every aspiring event planner in Nigeria has to keep in mind while trying to build a successful career in the events industry. It is important to always be on the know of the trends, preferences, traditions and generally everything that has to do with event planning in Nigeria. As an event planner, you need to be constantly updating yourself with not just local but foreign trends as well. Knowing your market enables you to know how best to serve and deliver to your clients by taking into consideration, the things that they expect to see in modern events.

2.  Have a niche

The events industry is a very big one in Nigeria and in fact, there are so many different kinds of events determined by the occasion. Having a niche will set you apart from the crowd of similar event planners. You can consider carving a niche as being the “number one” event planner for children birthday parties or for weddings (including the engagement, traditional and religious forms of marriage ceremony), for funerals, for landmark birthdays and so many others.

3.  Go for quality services

 The quality of your service will to a large extent determine whether you will become a successful event planner in Nigeria or not. Often times, people pay for event planning because it is not something that they can or have the time to handle. Therefore, as the event planner, you owe it to them, to give quality services and value for the money paid. Doing this will get you good recognition for your work and referrals from satisfied clients.

4.  Always Deliver

It is important to always deliver to your clients to be a successful event planner in Nigeria. You have to avoid disappointing your clients by not delivering on your services or your promises. Failing to deliver is one of the fastest ways to kill your career as an event planner. Every successful event planner understands the need to always deliver quality services and on time too.

5.  Attend trainings to develop your skills and to network with potential clients

Networking is very important for any successful event planner in Nigeria. You need to mingle with people at events thus, giving you an opportunity to introduce yourself and what you do. By attending trainings, you afford yourself an opportunity to groom your skills, develop new ones and get ideas on how to do some things you already do differently.

So, with these steps highlighted above, you are well on your way to become a very successful event planner in Nigeriaa, It is every event planner’s dream to give guests a memorable experience at an event, in addition to this, passion and determination will drive you to be the best there is. 

With the aid of these 5 steps, you will be able to become a successful event planner in Nigeria.... Try it out...

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