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How Nigerian Students Can Make Money Online by Freelance Writing

How to venture into freelance writing as a Nigerian student

After your education In Nigeria, getting an excellent job with a good salary could be a tough task, and it is very frustrating. It's tough to get a job in Nigeria. The only job that is easy to get is all these menial jobs, and they pay peanuts. You might be collecting #15,000 every month, while your boss gets nothing less than #7 million every month.
Don't you think that is slavery? If you are a student that finds it challenging to meet up with your needs, getting a job while you are still in school might be a big task. Why not try working as a freelance writer.

Freelance writing is a very lucrative business and its a good source of Income for most university students. Freelance writing might end up paying all your bills; you might not want to consider any other job because freelance writing will put food on your table.

One other fact is that if you are a student, it's an advantage to make money online as a freelance writer because you are going to have more time for yourself. You can't expect someone that goes to work by 7 AM and comes back by 7 PM to have time for freelance writing.

You are going to earn a lot of money as a freelance writer, but there is no much assurance that you are going to get rich quickly, but it will make you be in a position whereby you are not going to beg anyone for money. I know a girl that schools in uniben, she earns nothing less than $500 a month that's approximately #130,000 naira some B.S.C holders don't even receive up to #100,000 a month. If you are earning that kind of amount a month, don't you think you are in posting to pay up all your bills without relying on your parents.

How to venture into freelance writing as a student.

(1) Apply for writing gigs

It's very advisable to always apply for writing gigs even if you are not sure if the content will be accepted. You might feel reluctant or feel you are not good enough, but there is never a harm in trying. In those days when I want to start making money online, I, first of all, tried fiverr but I wasn't getting clients then I tried a site called Iwriter, I saw a lot of writing jobs on the platform, and the price ranged from $1. At first, I thought I wasn't qualified enough to write for foreigners, I was a bit scared, but one day I decided to give it a try, Fortunately my content got approved and ever since then I've been consistent on the platform.

(2) Write regularly

The more you write, the more you get better in your writing skills. I will advise any student that wants to venture into freelance writing to always write contents even if you don't get a client.

  • You might have a lot of writes up that someone might have an interest in.
  • I once wrote content about a phone review. 
  • I wrote it for fun without publishing it on any site. One day I stumbled upon a post on those freelance Groups I belong to any I saw and Indian guys post where he stated that he needs an article on phone reviews.
  • The word length should be 1000, and he said he was going to pay $10 for the content. And I have written that article 2 Months ago, immediately I saw it I contacted him and I sent him my article.

(3) Always have samples of your content

Most times, when I get a client to write for, they request for examples of my content. Having a sample of your content helps a lot, it will determine if the client will hire you or not, and always make sure your article is edited with Microsoft word. Because no one is perfect, you will make mistakes.

(4) Be experienced

Make sure you have experience in writing because most clients will want to hire someone with experience. Make sure you practice "content writing" before you choose to venture into it. Because if a client noticed you have no experience, you might not be hired.

(5) Add content writer in your social media

If you visit my Facebook profile, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, you will always see content writer in my profile. I have gotten lots of clients through this method, they contacted me, and they told me they got my contact details on my profile. If you add content writing to your basic info, people will recognize you as a content writer.

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