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Business you can start with 50k

Business is a source of income which people engage in to make money some may engage in it to make extra money that is its their second job apart from the first one and some may take solely as their means of livelihood however business is good when you ventures into the right one and manage it properly not to run into loss here are business you can start with 50k

1. Barbing
Barbing is a really good business and it is a profitable one at that because people barb their hair everyday Barbing is a necessity and you can never run out of customers so be rest assured you will be making money form it and it is also a business you can start with 50 thousand naira all you need to do is get a shop to be Barbing the hair get a clipper and all other necessary materials then you are good to go if you know how to barb but if you dont know how to barb then you can go and learn how to barb it won't take long just make sure you are practising every time then the last thing to do is publicise your shop make sure people know you and what you are doing so as to come to your salmon and refer people to your  saloon

2. Hair dressing
Hair dressing is also one of the most profitable business you can venture into and with time it will yeild in good profit for you all you need is patience as yoy start and grow gradually hair dressing is also a necessity and people make their hair everyday hair dressers in ajah lekki banana island charge big big amount to make hair  and these are where most of our super stars go to make their hairs so you can see that there is big money in this business all you have to do is first of all learn how to make hair and practice so as to get better and if you already know how to make hair then you are good to go and you can get your own shop then get the necessary instruments to the shop then publicise your work so as to get people to Patronise you and you can be making your money

3. Soap making
Soap making is a very lucrative business you can engage in that will bring in good money for you, you can join classes that teaches people on how to make soap these classes are rampant in Facebook and WhatsApp all you have to do is locate one learn very well till you are sure you can start your soap making business then the next you have to do is find a way to sell your soaps that is you have to contact supermarkets, restaurants,hotels,bars . Shops and you can supplying your liquid soaps to them in bulk and you can be making easy money from there to publicise your product is really important and very important to make sure the product gets to the customers so you can make your money because that is the sole purpose of establishing the business

4. Printing  business
Printing business is a very good business and a lucrative one at that in which  you can engage in or start with 50 thousand naira and of you are graphics designer then this a bonus for you because you can collect money for designing a work for a client and still collect money for printing but if you are not a graphics designer you are still safe and you will still collect money for primary many people print on a daily basis ranging form bulletin,office cards ,banners, invited wedding cards and others this is where you come on as a printer they can contact you for printing their so desired work for them and you will make good and easy money from this but I won't lie to you the work is not as easy as it seems so brace yourself but be rest assures you will make money from the job

5. Social media promotions
Social media has brought so many good things to us and social media promotions is one of them so many people dont have the money to make the public be aware of their business on radios and televions but on social media with the help of social media promotions you can easily get your business across to thousands of people there are social media promotions on Twitter whatsapp, Instagram and promotions starts from 1500 naira this a business that does not require much money all you need is a good mobile device and money for sub and you need to have many followers on your Instagram and Twitter and many contacts on your WhatsApp to be able to start this business then if you have all of this then you are good too people will surely notice you and you can making promotion for people as you like and money will be rolling in

 6. Mini importation
Mini importation is a very lucrative business you can start with 50 thousand naira and yoy can make good money you can be importing basic needs of people like shoes clothes trousers and the rest people selling shoes clothes and the rest are very much now you will notice yes that is the new trend importation you can import goods in bulk price that is little amount and when the goods arrive then you can see it at a big amount thereby making your profit then you have to Publicise your product and you can use social media promotions so that it can get across to thousands of people thereby making your business famous and people patronizing you very well you can learn mini importation from WhatsApp group classes there are classes on Whatsapp that teach people on how to import and they will teach in a very  good which way in which you can make good orders and not to choose a bad product how to bring them back to Nigeria and a whole lot of others try it today if you have not its a very good business .

7. Web design
There are many websites out there today and they are designed by web designers yes you can become a web designer it is a very profitable business per web design the designer can charge not less than 20 thousand naira you dont know how to design a website well you can learn it they charge 15 thousand naira or less for training after training then you are good to go you can be making your money then you have to publicise your work so as to get people to patrinze you or direct customers your way

8. Selling shoes
Selling if shoes is a very profitable business but you probably might not know because you think there is no money there thats where  you are wrong there is money there and you will be making good money there are shoes sold at the rate of 1500 2000 3000 and the rest you can buy a bunch of shoes for 50 thousand the ones sold at 1500 when bought in bulk might be 700 but then an extra money is added to it as profit and so on for the Other shoes all you have to do is find a busy spot that you know you will surely get customers then you are good to go and you can be making your money

9. Catering business
Catering business is a very good business you can start which will bring in good money for you thats if you know how to cook then your cooking skills is going to get you money there are many owambe ,namings and others parties through the weekend starting from Friday to Sunday , gone are the days where its the wife's that will cook now they hire caterers to do the cooking for their parties this is where you come in and be sure to make sure the food are good so that they can contact you another time and you need to publicize your business too so that people can be aware of it thereby bringing in more customers and money to you.

Here are some of the business you can venture into with 50 that and will yield good returns or revenue note that there is no business that cannot bring in money you just have to know the basic things people need and can't do without and begin business with that so you can be making money

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