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Business you can start with 20k

Business is very important it is another way of getting money this can be done by  engaging in  a work or providing services for people. apart from your work which you earn salary you can also engage in one or two business to boost your income so as not to make your income from only one source and as we all know we cant start a business without funds or capital most people want to engage in business but don't because of capital here I'm going to be telling you the various business you can start with 20 thousand naira and the business will thrive with proper management so read carefully if you have been looking for a business you can start with the said capital

1. make over
Make over is a very profitable business you can start with less than twenty thousand naira accompanied with gele too many people love good and nice looks and  there are many owambe during the weekend and many people want to look their best and slay to the parties make over is a delicate art so you need to learn from a guru from there you too can make connections and get customers from your boss too the equipments needed are not that much like you need to get a ring light this is very important it can make you to loose a client if you dont have pencils shadows lashes and the rest ,you must be vast in the art of tying different types of gele because people might want different typed

2. Snail farming
Snail farming is a very lucrative business you can start with 20 thousand naira most people dont want to engage in farming,some will be like with all my certificate will I now be working on a farm there is money in farming if you dont know you can buy snail eggs for a small amount all you have to do is make them hatch feed them regularly and take good care of them till they become big so that you can sell at a big price and you can buy the hatched ones and nurture them till they become big and sell there is no big deal in snail farming all you have to do is find shelter for the snail you can buy them feeds or give them leftovers and you can get yourself across to bars that sell snails boom you are in business

3. poultry
Poultry farming has been in existence for a long  time and it cant cease to exist now you can buy young chick for as low as 800 naira imagine how much you can buy with 20 thousand naira its much right all you have to nurture and take care of these chicks till they become big and fat so that the amount you will sell it will be a big amount the best time to sell these chicken are the festive periods and you can sell them for as high as 5 thousand naira easy money right all you need is a cage for your chicks and proper feeding and taking care of them if they fall sick so pay attention to the chicks

4. sale of drinks
Selling of drink is a business you can start with 20 thousand naira many people consume drinks daily and a pack of drink is sold for 950 and after selling a pack you will make 1200 what can help is selling it by pack so as to make big profit easily you can buy up to 25 packs with 20 imagine selling the while 25 within a week thats big money this can be possible if you make your business known ti customers that will buy or business or enterprise that resells them to consumers like hotels ,bars ,shops, cinemas imagine selling 25 packs per week in a month thats  big money you can be making cool money there's no business that there's no money there it depends on how you handle the business

5. hand beads / bracelets
Theres a new trend in town now if you notice it its hand beads and bracelets it really common among girls a lot now boys have joined the trend too and boys are now using the hand beads too its a simple art you can learn and produce its a business you can start with 20 thousand naira the instruments needed are not much you only need fishing line plied and beads and you should be creative about your designs then the next thing you need is how to get your beautiful hand beads or bracelets to customers that will buy it you can use social media like WhatsApp and ask your friends to repost and on Twitter ask your friends to retweet  with this you will be making steady money and need not worry about customers

6. Shawama business
Shawama is a popular snack or delicacy liked and eaten by many people mist especially girls there is no girl in Nigeria that does not like shawama their anthem is buy me shawama a the time you can engage in the production shawama which can bring in so much money for you because one is sold for 1500 imagine selling it to more than 10 people per day that is big money all you need to do is open up a joint and make sure you reach out to customers because they are the one to eat the shawama by so doing you will be making your profit

7. Games downloading
You can start the business of game downloading and it is a business you can start for twenty thousand naira many people play games and love playing games and from them you can earn money most people go to computer village to get games for their PS 2 and ps 3  but instead of going to computer village you that you are nearby can help them input game in whatever they bring per one game installation is 1500 and you can get the game for 700 naira if 10 person comes and installs 2 games big money right all you have to do is find a busy spot and start business and you can be making easy money right there

8. Ice block production
Ice block production is a very profitable business you can start with 20 thousand naira there are many parties and owambe  during the weekend and you can make money off of them because they need to cool their drinks this is where you come in you can supply them ice blocks to cool their drinks the equipment need is freezer water and nylon everyone has freezer at home which they can use and water is very much around you can put water inside the freezer and make it known you sell ice block then they can book you to ice the drinks for their party it's easy money or what it does not have stress aportharcouthone accessories
Phone accessories is a very profitable business you can start with less than twenty thousand naira its a business thats going to sell fast in respect to high demands of phone accessories like phone cases,screen guards ,batteries,ear plugs and others these are stuffs you can start with twenty thousand naira and you can grow easily and gradually what you just have to do is to get a busy place so that will see what you are selling and inquire about what you are selling thereby bringing people to buy from you

10. Uber driver
Uber driver is a very profitable business in big cities like Lagos Ibadan Abeokuta Port Harcourt  you need no money to start this business but your driving skills with your driving skills you can make easy money from them all you have to do is apply to a uber company and after they accept you you will be picking up people from various places to their place of destination

If you have been looking for a business you can start with 20 thousand naira in Nigeria here are some of the business listed above from which you can choose from  and engage in  and see how it goes  there is no how the economy can be  there are some essential needs which people have and need get these are the business you should get involved in and  with proper  management and planning the business is going to blossom and bring in good revenue

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