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Business you can start with 10k

Business is engaging work either providing services or product for people apart from your work which you earn salary you can also engage in one or two business to boost your income so as not to make your income from only one source and as we all know we cant start a business without funds or capital most people want to engage in business but don't because of capital here I'm going to be telling you the various business you can start with 10 thousand naira and the business will thrive with proper management so read carefully if you have been looking for a business you can start with the said capital

1. Carwash
Car wash is a very good businesses you can start with 10thousand naira,you might be thinking there is no money in this business but there is a lot of money there because most people use their car Monday through Friday and rest during the weekend and are too tired to wash their cars believe it or not this is what happens you can just make your self known to people that you wash cars because the sole of every business is to get across to customer so you must let people be aware of your business and you might just find a spot where it is busy so people can easily see your car wash and the equipments needed to start is not costly all you need is soap,sponge, water and spraying machine for spraying water after washing  the cars all you need to learn is washing a car thoroughly and you will definitely be making easy money from the business with proper management .

2.sale of recharge cards
The sale of recharge card is a very profitable business because as we all know there are many network providers in Nigeria the likes of Mtn,Glo,Airtel,9 mobile and they require recharge card for you to make calls or to surf the internet and in Nigeria we have over a population of 9 million people and everyone buys recharge card everyday see the amount of money the network providers realize daily now you can engage in the sale of recharge cards in your street or place of work it will bring an extra source of income for you the equipment needed to start this business is very easy you only  need the cash you want to use to buy the cards in bulk from the whole saler  which is less than 10 thousand naira if you know you way around people and can get business across to people you will be making cool cash form this business

3Decorating services
Decorating services is a business you can start with 10 thousand naira its a very easy job to do if you are very hard working and you can charge people the way you like depending on the size of the hall or place you are decorating is that not cool money there is no weekend that goes by and there is no celebration either weeding,naming,graduation,inauguration you name it they all need decoration so you can never be out of job and you can be in job for as long as you want all you need to get as equipment for the jobs is to rent decorating clothes and rugs then buy pins ,hammer that's all the equipment you need and what is left is for you to go and learn how to decorate from a  professional and you are good to go

4 small chops
Small chops is a very profitable business you can start with less than ten thousand naira in many occasions like weddings,celebrations, inaugurations they require small chops to be the appetizer to give their guest before the main course is being served to them thats where you come you can book events which you can make small chops for them or sell them by people ordering them all you need to do is learn the art of making these small chops from a professional because you Will want to make it tasty and delicious so they can patronize you again the equipments needed are just flower baking powder oil and the rest then you are good to go easy right

5 cake making
Cake making is a profitable business you can start with less than ten thousand naira many people eat and need cake ranging from cake for birthdays, weddings,house warming and others if you know your way around people you can make easy money from the cake business all you have to do is get your equipments like flour,baking powder baking pans  and  others the beauty of it is that you only have it make it by order because they have to order for you to make the cake and you can even collect the money for the job in advance

6 bead making
Bead making business has been in town for a long period now and yes its a business you can start with ten thousand naira the sole of every business is that you should be able to get across to customers because they are the one to boost your business because they are on the receiving end you need to learn the art of bead making from a professional so that you too can be good and  develop yourself all instrument you need will be fishing line ,beads,stopper ,hook,plier and others

7popcorn business
Popcorn is a fast food or snack people like to eat at home or outside what people dont know is that  there is big money in the popcorn business popcorn is easy to make all you need to do is get the machine and get a supplier that is the person you will be supplying it to if there is a cinema near you  then you are in luck people buy popcorn at the cinema to accompany the film they are watching or you can get a promoter that will promote the popcorn and you will package it neatly and be selling it

8 barbecue
Barbecue is grilled fish with a dice of vegetables which people love to eat very much it's a profitable business you can start with less than ten thousand naira barbecue is easy to make but because you are selling it out you have to make it delicious and if you dont know how to make it then you can learn it then all that is left is to get yourself across to customers in order for you to get money so you can just get a spot in front of a hotel or beer parlour or anywhere thats busy  all you need is a grill,foil paper,fish and vegetables then you can start making your money

9 laundry
Laundry services is a highly profitable business you can start with ten thousand naira people need ironing and washing of their clothes this is where you come in you can wash and iron peoples clothes which el bring in good money  its easy all you need is soap starch water  and iorn you can be making not less than 10 thousand per week or more if you work hard you have to wash people cloth neatly and iron them well so that they will patronize again

10 bulk sim sales
There are millions of people in Nigeria who buys sims everyday there are different network providers like Glo mtn airtel and others you can just get a spot and make it know to people that you sell sims you can be registering sims on one side and can be selling  bulk sims to people that wants to buy and resell too you will be amazed at the money you will be making with proper management.

If you have been looking for a business you can start with 10 thousand naira here are some of the business listed above from which you can choose from  and engage in  and see how it goes and I'm sure with careful management and planning the business is going to blossom and bring in good revenue I hope this post helps you .

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